Friday, November 02, 2007

mixed up..

words jumbling in my mind,trying to get out to express how I feel inside.Arranging them into sentences so that I can express effectively seems hard to do.

I felt really uneasy seeing her this days.
There were a mixture of anger,frust,sorrow and disapoinment at the same time.
Nothing will ever be the same again though you insist on it.
You're drifting futher and further away from us.
The drifting might be because of the relationship in between us isn't strong enough to hod you back from you're heading.

Taking us for granted when u came back crying.
We took you in and is this how you repay us?
You would rather stick to a place so unfamiliar but you're not willing to to stay for the people who cares about you.
Maybe that place has something we don't but all along,we did well without "it".
If "it" can change you that much,I would rather you be the person you were before.
Sticking together for another half a year,does that seem all that hard after all?
Why the sudden change?
Why the sudden decision?
There wasn't any indication of rejection towards "it" instead you opened your heart as wide as you can.

Trust me,as much as I want it to be same all over again between us,it's impossible.
Don't take us for granted again if you ever come back crying the very next time.
We opened our hearts to you,accepted your flaws against all odds and look at what you did to us now?
-grey skies-

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