Sunday, April 26, 2009


I am feeling contented today cos I donated blood for the 2nd time in my life
my 1st was 2 years back

though I have bruises and despite the fact that I only got 5 hours of sleep
just so that I can go donate blood
I still feel very contented and satisfied
knowing that I might have saved someone's life with such a small contribution
brings joy to everything I do today
it seriously feels different
even feeling tired is different from the routine restlessness

all in all, I am happy today!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

back to reality

time flies, in a blink of an eye 1 week of break is gone
I can hardly remember how I actually spent my holidays
basically I guess I was in major procrastination and now I am feeling remorseful

no time to regret now
I have to start on another pile of assignments
psychology which is literally making people go psycho with the amount of assignments
imagine just to get a 2.5%, u need to do so much of research and writing a number of essays
with a boring lecturer and a tutor who is a total jerk makes life even harder in psychology

then comes international studies
a subject of my own choice but eventually turning into a disaster cos I am lousy debater
debating on issues which are totally strangers to me
like cold war, Korean war, post world war 2 and etc.
struggling to beat the boredom of world history
and imagining it as a good storybook

next is film studies
an interesting subject nonetheless very abstract and technical at the same time
no doubt we get to watch free movies without the need to pay for a ticket
but comprehending the facets of a film and the values in it is somehow really complicating

recently, I got back the assignments I submitted before the break
it seems like scoring well in an assignment is no longer a simple task
a distinction requires a lot of effort, time and most importantly it has to be original
for my 1st assignment, I got a credit
though not very contented but it's a stepping stone to a better one in future
and according to peers in uni, a credit for 1st assignments are considered good
how far is it true I do not know
this is when we always tell ourselves to learn from our mistakes
a form of self comforting and self motivation I presume

gotta run back to my assignments now
reading on how to achieve happiness - positive psychology
interesting huh?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

procastination doesn't prove to be that wrong after all

status: in major procastination

in the middle of my break now
that gives me the time to procastinate and be lazy
though I know I have another pile of assignments to start on
well,I did not procastinate that badly
at least I did put some effort in doing my bit for cartoonz

ta daa!
a compilation of memories that belongs to cartoonz
something that belongs only to the 5 of us
a friendship that lasted 9 years up to date
still growing stronger with every passing year
a ship that will bring us through a lifetime of unforgettable memories
the ridiculous stuff we've done together making each other laugh
the fickle minded us always trying to figure out what to eat
the movies we've watched together
the support we gave each other
everything is essential in maintaining the balance of the ship
and that includes going all odds for each other
cartoonz, I LOVE U ALL!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I found about something that I wish I never know yesterday
somehing I have been clinging on to for some time
wishing that it might work out someday
or at least let me a draw a fine line in between to conclude everything

I was not given that chance to conclde it properly
therefore memories of it is still lingering in the heart of my mind
now that I know that things are not gonna work the way I want it to be
I do not know how to end it

Allow me to use symbolism to best describe my dilemma and maybe u guys would have a better perspective on which option is better

for instance, u love ice cream very much
but u can't eat them because u have allergies
how do u actually overcome ur love ice cream when u can't consume them as it is gonna harm u?which option would u prefer?
A. keep ice cream in sight, have people around u eating ice cream but facing the fact that u can't even touch them
B. keep ice cream out of ur sight!

I know most people enjoy breaks
I had to admit it but at times I hate breaks
it just give me extraneous time to think about unnecessary stuff
keeps me emo for days
I rather have days where I am as busy as a bumble bee
at least I know I am productive
unlike NOW

personal discovery

I've discovered a few things about myself lately
wondering whether these things are beneficial or are they gonna harm me?
however, I am enjoying those changes in me
I know this is pretty random talking about myself but I just wanna rant

Anyway, had been nailed down with piles and piles of assignments for the past 2 weeks
that's y I did not have any time to spare for blogging
and in any case I do have time to spare, my mind would be out of words to blog as I am writing a few essays for few different subjects
I know that sounds really exaggerating but it's true
juggling between 3 essays in 2 subjects within 2 days
so I guess a degree in arts is basically nothing much except essays
those are all done by now coz I am having my mid term break
time flies, I am already in the mid of the sem alr
meaning I have another 6 weeks more to my finals
but I still have another pile of assignments after the break which are like major ones
those that carries majority of my assesstment marrks and grades

on sat, went on a 1 day trip to malacaa
I know it what r u guys thinking
y malacca out of so many places in malaysia?
well I have no idea also..swt
the trip was organised by a club I joined earlier this sem
a trip that was meant for bonding and ice breaking between the club members
putting aside the memories that I have been there with family and friends for a million times
this time it was different
I went to places that I did not visit previously like the baba n nyonya musuem and also the river cruise
those are not my main priorities in the trip
what I hoped I could do was to make more friends, know more of "monash people"

By the end of the trip, I did achieve my goals
I grew closer to the people I know
I met a lot of people as in like friends that really "click"
lastly, I don't deny the fact that this world is small
I got to know 2 people from klang and 1 of them is a fren of someone I knew back in high school
how small could the world be?