Sunday, May 31, 2009

post of the month

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,
but by the moments that take our breath away"

my birth month is approaching to an end
how sad but at the same time I m glad
coz I'll be free from the hassle caused by assignments
however,I'll be tied up soon with exams in 2 weeks time

this month had been a busy month for me
nevertheless, people would still have the tendency to have fun in the midst of all the hassle they are going through
and I had mine too especially when u are turning 21

my 21st was a blast
it was no big party with relatives and a big bunch of frens
I would just prefer to spend those times with my besties
the cartoonz as u all know
the crazy bunch who had been sticking up with me thru thick and thin
bearing those obscene things I show them
those words which came out from me without much consideration which might just hurt them
however, they still love me
and I love them back with all the love I could give
no more words from me now
let's proceed to the ridiculous set of photos



cakes of the nite

lousy champagne opener
me and my present
theme for the night: glow in the dark
for more ridiculous photos, u can check it out here
a fren of mine has left for UK on fri
I feel bad coz I can't meet him up for one last time before he left
All the best to u, Max!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


I feel really dry, drained out and exhausted
Weeks and weeks of assignments is terrible
Initially the subjects I am taking is supposed to be fun
but the workload is such a spoiler
have been cracking my head to finish pages and pages of essays
to kickstart an intro for an essay
training a stupid virtual rat taking hours and hours of placing my butt on the chair
working on essays and reading till the wee hours all alone

I dun want to rant too much but I feel flat like a piece of pancake now
coz I have stacks and stacks of papers on top of me
waiting to be filled up with words in black ink

fyi, it was my 21st last fri
I noe this is rather late but I had a blast with cartoonz
n since I have not gotten any pics yet
I am just gonna leave that aside till I get my hands on those ridiculous set of photos

just decided I would end my post with something cheerful
to maintain optimism in me

Friday, May 15, 2009

the iron lady

In earlier times and not very long ago, girls born to traditional Chinese families were deprived of privileges and opportunities reserved for males. Most of them accepted their fate dutifully and submissively.

But one woman of those oppressed times dared defy the hand she was dealt. Opportunist, manipulator, ambitious, she desired power to control her own destiny above all else.
This is the story of an unconventional woman of extraordinary will and determination who seized control of her fate at all costs!

Finally, I would think that Malaysia has potential in making good dramas
this is I would say a good production from Malaysia
but a bit too long and tragic
almost everyone died in the drama
the title says it all
the main character is literally an iron lady
she survived almost all life's worst obstacles including death
u can see how cruel the world could in the struggle of avenging a love one's death
in the struggle of sacrificing love for something not necessary
in the struggle of obtaining power in the society
in the struggle of maintaining the love between a family
in the struggle of earning wealth and status
all the drama you see in real life
is happening right in front of you on the tv

Monday, May 11, 2009

monday blues

everyone have monday blues
and I have mine too today
firstly, I had to wake up earlier than usual
then as I was waiting for the train,
they announced "tren ke sentul yang akan tiba pada jam 8.15 pagi telah dibatalkan dan telah mengalami kelewatan selama 20 minit"
fine. I waited.
in the train I fall asleep and when I woke up I thought I missed my stop so I got down the train
but it turned out that the train was at batu tiga station which 1 stop before subang
fine.fine. I waited again.
at the bus stop, as I was looking out for my the bus
finally I saw it and when it stopped, I wanted to get on it
but, the bus fled
fine.fine.fine. I waited for the 3rd time consecutively.
later, I msged my fren thinking that she might be able to pick me up
she told me that she does not have a car
I'm like WTF is wrong today la!
already not feeling very good about monday blues
y is everything not going my way too?
WTF is wrong with me today?

at last I am in the uni now blogging my time away
supposed to meet a fren to discuss assignment but her car broke down
and I have no book to do my readings as the books are in her car
so while waiting for class, internet would be saviour
but the connection here is freaking slow coz of their maintainence
banyak frustrating la today

something similar happened last thursday too
I did not get down on the wrong stop
but I waited 2 freaking hours for the bus
in the end, I only managed to get a bus to pyramid and I walked all the way to monash
under the hot blazing sun

I guess the public transport in subang hated me
they dun like me
so they dun wanna bring me to my destination

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

mr benjamin, I love you!

I just love my film studies lecturer, Mr.Benjamin
he is just so nice
today he granted all of us a general extension for our assignment
extension meaning that he extended the dateline of our assignment

as a matter of fact, we all needed that extension because it's a major assignment
as it contributes 50% of our overall grade
and we dun have any examination for this unit
hence this assignment is really really MAJOR
besides that, we have other assignments in hand too
all due in the same week
if we dun get an extension, I doubt we can all come out with a good argument
and also not demonstrating wider readings
and that would lead to bad grades

so, it's really nice of him to grant all of us an extension even though only 1 of us came up to him and ask for it
thank you so much!
now I can just procastinate a lil bit
just a lil bit
n that lil bit is going to be on next fri

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


assignments are killing me!!!
assignments are draining out all of the energy in me!!
somehow I am anticipating the picnic with cartoonz
and a night of my own..