Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I am getting really bored nowadays..
like really really bored..
on off days,ppl ajak me to go out I'm lazy..
but when I am working,I am looking forward to off days..

finally I am all set to apply for uni..
but I am still doubting on what to study..
should I go for PR or advertising?
I liked advertising but at times I just feel that I am not fit for that line..
as for PR,it seems really common..
this is one of the doubts I have in mind..

Secondly,I am thinking whether should I work part time while I pursuing my studies..
I am doubting whether will I be able to cope with my studies..
I am also thinking whether my parents will allow me to work while studying..
and what type of job should I get..
I guess it needs to be really flexible..as in time..

so many doubts and decisions to be made but so little time..

job finishing really soon..
so should really get myself prepared and all set for the future..
would need to shift back to klang really soon..
would be leaving this place where I have stayed for 2 years..
will miss all the memories I had here..
including the ones I had in this company now though the work is not joyful at all..

haha..time really flies..
it was like I just started working yesterday..
and now 4 months has already passed..
time really flies huh?

Thursday, October 09, 2008


was browsing through friendster looking at ppl's photos..
suddenly it just hit me that I really missed out a lot on fun while I was working..
it was as though I do not have a life now..
if I do,it's only about work and nothing else but work..
I almost forgot what it feels like to be a student anymore..
I miss the freedom I have being a student..
at least my time is more flexible..
I can understand that studying and working would be totally 2 different worlds..
also because of that,what u encounter in both worlds brings different values to life,..

the people u meet at work gives u different perspectives of the world and the society u are about to step into..
they teach u the meaning of being selfish and to look out for urself..
in the working society,what u do would need to be the best for urself..
nobody's gonna ever ever catch ur back anymore..
u have to be responsible for the mistakes u've made..
and there is no such thing as pity or sympathy in this society..
at times they seem really cold blooded..
though the working environment may seem noisy and lively but deep inside it might just be pretence..
u'll never know who is true..
u'll never know who to trust..

exposing myself into this society teaches me to appreciate the time I have while I am still studying..
I can say that I am still not well prepared for the working world yet..
It's still not time yet..
Lucky this is only short term..
If ever this is a long term then this would not be right place..
I dun think I belong into a world whereby u can only sit and do nothing else but to put on a smiling face though deep down u feel like slapping them..
It's all just part of business and pretence..
well pretence is not my type though at times it's necessary to a certain extend..
I m counting down my days to the end of my contract..
Can't wait till it ends but I would miss the ppl there..
though I do not know who is true but they are fun..

"time is not only gold but it's a teacher in time" -ahpuik-

Monday, October 06, 2008


I noe I have been lagging..
I noe I haven't been updating..
Let me update now..

Since the shooping spree,nothing has really changed..
I continue working..
I even went back to work on off days as the weekends I was left alone at home..
The result of being so "hardworking" and also because of something I ate which I dunno really noe what..
That's according to the doctor..
The consultation fees plus medicine cost me 60 bucks..
This time 2 days MC is only sufficient for me to recover..
I got really bad food poisoining..
It was really bad..I had never ever fall sick like this..

It all started on friday night while I was working..
I was feeling a little uneasy and I was having a terrible headache..
Then I felt like vomiting..
After work,I vomited twice and right after I vomited I had fever..
It was darn darn cold as I was taking the bus home..
The next day,nothing got better so I went to the clinic..
Got my temperature measured,it was 39.5..
38.5 is already considered high,this is like SUPER HIGH..
The doctor said this is a really bad food poisoining..
Since my fever was super high,I decided to take an injection..
Then he gave me loads of medicine..
All with different colours(orange,black,green,white n red) and all of them are huge..

Basically I had no problem taking huge tablets but this time I find it really scary..
I even find it hard to swallow them..
They gave me a feeling that it will get stuck halfway down my throat....
haha..but it was really making my life hard..
I can't eat what I want..doc asked me to stick to a plain diet of white porridge and white bread..
I can't even sleep well at night..keep having stomachache due to the "fong" in the stomach..
yday night was the worst night of all..
I visited the toilet really often in like 4 hours around 6 to 7 times..
I noe this seems exaggerating but it's true..
So I promised myself not to work on off days anymore..