Friday, September 29, 2006


time sure does passes by quick..It's another ordinary friday..yestesday,I went visiting..visiting my beloved students again..It was nice seeing them once again since I last saw them before I left for college..they did not change at all except that after so many months of kindergarten,they can finally speak better english especially those who used to speak in mandarin while I was teaching's a big improvement for 3 yrs old kids..they are still the naughtiest kids around,jumping and running during assembly,not singing "Negaraku"(think they dunno how to sing),stepping on caterpillars when they see one and that makes them my beloved students!really miss the times when I was still teaching..actually I would not call it teaching,in fact I think I am babysitting..but it was a good least I know being a kindergarten teacher is not easy and with the amount of salary I am earning it gets tougher..

knowing u guys as frens and being one of the comittee is great..but somehow I find that in between us there are no other topic except for work and more work..dunno y approaching u guys seems really hard to it bcoz of the communication?or is it bcoz there are 2 different species talking to each other?or do i just don't fit in?i can get along with others at the same place and time,but y not with u guys?speaking out seems difficult..I always feel like shouting out to u guys to tell u how I feel but everytime I felt like doing it,there is something in my throat that stops me..will I be able to survive with u guys in nowhere,a place where I dun have my friends around?they say humans are born to adapt..will this human be able to do it?I wonder..

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


it has been a week since I last let me update u guys..on 21st,met up with V at Leo's at was nice seeing n talking to her once again..remember the last time I saw her was a few months back..she made me envy her with her brand new KG800i(LG)..cun phone!Freaky Friday was nthg special to me..a normal day with normal routines..Saturday was a mixture of busy and boredom..that day,went back to coll for a meeting on the camp..after the meeting,we were taught basic knots which will be useful in the camp and a so called "sakai" dance for a chinese song..was fun though I am still a lil blur on the steps..that was my 1st half of the day,the other half was boring..sitting in front of my laptop chatting with all sorts of ppl I can find online including my lil bro..then came to what we refer as a big went all quite well and this time no more punishments for also turned out to be SL's bday..I was so bz with the briefing till I forgot to wish her..must wish her happy belated though..came back to Klang on the same day..was really tired though I din do much.mayb it's bcoz of the journey to KL and back to Klang again..hate travelling like that..yesterday n today was plain ordinary..but I was a real pig yesterday..

about my mum..the doc said that she needs to stop chemo bcoz in his 15 years of service,he had never seen anybody suffer like my mum because of chemo...she seriously can no longer take the side effects anymore..futhermore,the dosage in the jap given to her is the lowest of all and u imagine what has it done to her..if they were to increase the dosage,I seriously dunno what will happen to my mum..she can be strong enough to fight with what she is dealing with but there is still no gurantee..that is why the doc has to put her off chemo..

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

sweet and sour..

the sweet one..

I am currently enjoying my sem break in which I feel really relieved coz the finals are finally gone after the days,nites n mornings I struggle studying..imagine trapped in the house with no entertaiment except for my laptop n downloaded drama series ..facing books n papers is what I do almost everyday for 2 weeks..eating brunch n a proper dinner everyday..brunch consist of milo n biscuits/bread with jam..dinner was always in some malay stall ordering nasi goreng/"ta pao" a burger home..consuming unhealthy food and inproper meals..haha..that's was me during the examination..that's why I am darn relieved now..I can finally taste home cooked food again,enjoy sitting in front of the tv all day long,cooking alongside with my grandma,driving round my housing area with daddy n of course not forgetting going on9 with a 19'' flat screen monitor..haha..words n images seems to be bigger than ever compared to the laptop's flat screen..

the sour one..

though coming home may seem to be joyful n worthy after struggling for the exam but..seeing my mum again relieves me coz I was really worried bout her when I was back in KL..everytime I call back home,1st thing that come into my mind is my mum..wondering how is she she getting any better?can she eat already?is her mouth still painful?is her throat still soring?now I can see everything clearly..she lose another 4.5 kilos within 2 weeks..not any fat burning product can do that..imagine a woman in her 50's weighs 43.5 bad is that?..she still have to eat things in liquid form,her mouth is still more thing that suprises me is that she gonna stop chemo once n for all..she can't take those side effects's really killing her..but I think it's best for her too..if she carry on with the treatment,she might get worst instead of getting least when she recovers,she can eat n consume all the nutritions she can get...

tasting sweet n sour signing off..

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


YAY!finals are finally over..yesterday was my last day and my last paper was intro to advertising..was lucky that I memorise the points that were necessary for the exam..guess what?some questions are from our mid term test and 1 of our essay question turns out to be our assignment..meaning that we only have to rewrite what we had presented for the assignmnet..unbelieveable..but overall was ok..past few days,I was juz not myself..I can't believe that I can actually sit still in 1 place and study day n nite..I guess this is necessary to maintain my I can finally enjoy my long sem break and take care of my mum at home..called back home and it seems that she hasn't recover..seems like this time it is getting's already 2 weeks n she is still the same..

mei zhi wo xiang gan dong ni,
wo men que gen you qu li,
shi bu shi you yong cou yuan yu,
ye yong cou le biao qing,
qi shi wo xiang gan dong ni,
bu shi wei le zhua zhe ni,
wo zhe shi ba ni hui wang zhi,
you ren yong yuan ai zhe ni.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


argh!!!!!!!!!!!design paper was a total mess..I messed up that stewpid finish the paper in 2 hrs is seriously impossible..I only managed to finish 5 objective questions out of 10 in sect A meanwhile I only managed to finish 3 quetions out of 5 in sect B..the poster I drew was shitty,not interesting at all,contains no graphic/any sort of illutrations but only text..time not enough!!invitation card was plain,also no graphics/any sort of illustrations..time not enough!!!the only one I'm proud of is my least better than the rest..I did not finish the envelope,business card n letterhead for the company..time not enough!!!!darn shitty la..dunno whether what I did was enough to at least let me pass the subject..AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


it's almost 3 am now and I have the feeling that my head would seriously explode anytime..been studying IT the whole was a long long day and more n more things are getting into my head..dunno whether my brain can still support this overloaded information..though have been studying the whole day but the only time I can find peace studying is this hour of the day..squeezed 3 chapters of IT into my brain today..who would not go bonkers?I would..

Saturday, September 09, 2006

frustrating finals!

it's has been a long long week..was busy studying since I came back to KL on wednesday..all streesed up..missing home very much but won't be going home this weekend.. the sad thing is I can't celebrate cartoon frenz day which is today..english paper on thursday was ok..boleh tahan coz the standard is something like SPM but excluding those objectives questions..then at 2 just now was my mass comm paper..the paper was tricky especially the objective ones..questions are put in that way and all the students went like scratching their heads..the so called tips given by our dear lecturer was just a lie..none of it came out and she went like "u should focus more on all this"..yea rite?I did focus more on it in fact I memorise the points needed but all my effort just went into the rubbish bin..damn la that lecturer..not coming out dun la ask us to focus more..haih..frustrating betul!

frustrated signing offfffffffffffffffff..

Monday, September 04, 2006

boredom sucks!

wow..can't remember when i last updated this blog..nthg much to tell actually..spent last whole week at home with nthg to do except for studying..supposed to be study week but it turned out to be a week filled with boredom..only managed to finish studying mass comm in 2 days n carried on with IT..I took my own sweet time to study this subject(too much to memorise!!!) far finished 4 chapters..haha 3 more to go but I doubt that I remember what I had the week goes on,I got sooo into this song..Because You Live-Jesse McCartney..I was so bored till I can start playing stupid games witn my lil bro..when I say stupid I really mean it..late in the night where we both can't sleep,we both took out our MP4 and start recording each other's voice..I sounded so darn blur in those recordings and we both laugh out heads off that nite..well that was Saturday nite..Sunday seems to enjoyable..hanging out once again with cartoonz..went to JJ in Klang..dun really understand why we used to enjoy our outing in JJ so so bored yesterday when I went there but with their's alrite..

~bored~ signing off....