Thursday, September 24, 2009

psychotic/eccentric/eerie conversation


just minutes ago,
me and a friend was discussing about our psychology assignment
the question was "what do we replace animals with in psychology experiments to test effects of the drug?"
and we came out with a conclusion that we can't clone human (ethical issues) and plants (validity of the results)
hence, there are no other living creatures on earth except animals right?
however there are also ethical issues imposed to the usage of animals
thus we trying to act smart came up with this conversation

talking about it now gives me the goosebumps already
I find both of us really eerie and we are getting nowhere actually

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I love listening to people's problem
Not that it feels great to do so
But it comes to the point of believing that I could actually be of help
Though I am only silently lending my ears

At certain times, in search of comforting and motivational words

I ponder upon the problems that people have
It makes me think of how comforting and motivational could my words be
Will they at least make a difference and take them away from their problems temporarily?
There might be issues that I've not experienced
Hence, the doubt emerges on whether is it appropriate to blurt those words out
Though phrases like "we will always be there to support you" seems cliche
But I think it has a way of working off it sparks

Was talking to a friend over MSN yday about her problems
And yes, I did blurted out that cliche phrase
What say you?
Will it make even a slight difference?
Will it make her feel better?
Will it draw a smile on her face?


Monday, September 21, 2009

it's not B, it's not C, it's A for APRIL

Regardless of how busy I am,
Regardless of how far apart are you from us now
Regardless of whether are you gonna read this post or not
I still wan to dedicate it to you, my dear friend
My dear crazy friend
Who has been with us on all of our crazy road trips
pre cny shopping sprees
getting drunk and puking
suprise birthday parties
ktv sessions
hiking trips and picnics
& not forgetting our wonderful 09/09 gathering

But, now you are no longer with us anymore
hopefully we will be able to see you real soon
pls do take good care of our gifts more than urself ya any case, you are the main priority okay?
take really good care of yourself
love you always!


neither is it may or june, it's just A for April
you'll be missed very badly
a missing piece of the cartoonz puzzle

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Live Life is like narratology - It does not simply record events; it constitutes and interprets them as meaningful parts of meaningful wholes, whether the latter are situations, practices, persons, or societies.


Saturday, September 05, 2009

famine & kuantan

22nd - 23rd Aug '09
30 hour famine

It was one great weekend where I starved with 7,000 other campers of the famine
That would be my longest starvation in 21 years
I successfully starved for 30 hours
That's 1 day and 6 hours
So proud of myself *wakaka*

However, I guess the meaning to this famine is beyond the starvation
I've learned much about the other side of the world
Where people dun consume McD like we do,
Where people dun study in a fully faciliated institution,
Where people dun even get to watch 'Heroes'
Where people dun even go for grocery shopping
Where people gets poorer by the day
Where survival is a major issue

During the countdown event in Stadium Putra Bkt Jalil
Where we endure our last 6 hours of famine
Tears keep rolling down my cheeks
As the advocates and the artist motivates and thank us for courage
I know I might be too emotional
But I feel that it is such a rare occasion
Where thousands of people gather together
To contribute one small bit of their energy and make a big difference

A very contenting weekend I would say
Hopefully I would be able to join again in future years
Btw, check this video out on youtube and u will see what I mean

Youtube - The Silent Tsunami

29th - 31st Aug '09
Kuantan trip with cartoonz

Our last trip with KC before she leaves for Scotland
To further her studies
She will be gone for 4 - 5 years
*Sob* =(

As usual trips with cartoonz are fun-filled and crazy oriented
Not forgetting our SK's yummylicious tuna sandwich
Also, we came up wit a new tagline for SK: 'anytime, anywhere, anyhow'
So I am not the only one with a tagline ok? - (rihanna of the night) *winks*
The 'hot' topic of this trip is kinda obscene, thus it's *censored*
Enough of our crazy hot topics and taglines

Back to Kuantan..
Our prior destinations are of course the beaches
Firstly, we went to Teluk Chempedak
Oh, so much more cleaner than the beaches in PD
And they have a tropical McD there, nice!
Imagine having a McD sundae or Mcflurry at the beach
Ooops!* something missing* cute guys la! LOL
Straying too far..come back!*slap face*

Ok, Teluk Chempedak
Besides being clean, the coastline is really long too
And small lil crabs, so afraid I would step on any of them
Scenery not bad, took alot of photos there
Writing on the beach din work out here, so postponed to Cherating beach
We din do kite flying or cycling coz we were too occupied with camwhoring

Next day, we went to Cherating beach
Finally, I stepped my foot onto the land of Terengganu
Happy coz I've never been to the east coast and I've always wanted to
The beach is really nice
Walked along the coastline and collected seashells
Meanwhile the rest was busy with sandcastle
Jumping into the sea, acting like they were gonna commit suicide
Writing on the beach, finally getting our trademark somewhere haha
Then, went hunting for keropok lekor in the ramadhan bazaars on the way home
At the end of the day only managed to get rm2 keropok
The day ended with G.I.Joe and supper from McD and KFC

We headed back on mon morning to avoid traffic
Reached home in the afternoon

Too bad I dun have the photos yet
So I could only describe them to u