Wednesday, November 18, 2009


潘伟柏 - 左右

the current songs looping on my player makes me emo
it gets even worse after replying to april's mail
it has been more than 2 months since she we last saw her
no idea when we will see her again
but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it would be really soon
we barely talk to her in this 2 long months
and she seems to be really busy

though we miss her so much, we were also glad that her dreams came true
her dream to study in UK once seems far fetched
due to some personal problems
but now that she's there, we are glad that she's doing fine
despite the fact that she had a hard time adapting
we were sure she would pull through

anyways, I know she won't be reading this
it's just a sign of how much the rest of the cartoonz in M'sia miss her
the 24-7 cartoonz here will always love u APRIL LIM!!!

Tohoshinki - Hug 

p/s:been having weird dreams lately..was often dragged out of my comfy sleep because of these pls pls do leave me weird dreams..

Thursday, November 12, 2009

summer break

my super long summer break has finally arrived
life away from uni, meaning life free from assignments and exams..

exams was not that bad this time
however, my results are expected to be worse than the last one
too much of last minute work this sem
my bad
well, come what may
will just have to work harder the followin semester

somehow I am not used to days where I spend my time effortlessly
life used to be more productive and time used to be well spent
currently, it seems like there isn't much to do
plans I had before this?
I think my only plan for the holidays was to work
still job hunting tho and fun seems far fetched as I am broke

had a great weekend with my bestie's graduation and the yumyum penang trip
congrats tan wi shan!!
the earliest to graduate among cartoonz
hopefully u will get ur car and not forgetting a job interview anytime soon
in the meantime, enjoy working at Fluff!

okay..I seriously have to run back to my torturing typing now..