Sunday, October 28, 2007


I neglected my blog again...have been doing that a lot these days...sorry la,it's just that I am quite occupied with some stuff..till now,that stupid stuff is still in hand and I had to do it all over again...geram betul la..

nothing had been going on quite well for me last week...when I finally get a glimpse of what it's like to be relaxed after 2 weeks of hardwork, I had to find it out the hard way that what I thought was completed is actually a total mess...being new to a software is bad enough,what more to produce something with it and to complete it in such a short time?

last friday was probabaly the unluckiest day among the other days..there was no water supply early morning and I had to brush my teeth with boiled water(fyi,not hot boiled water)..fine..that's ok...then,I realised I forgot to bring my keys to coll..reaching the coll gate,apparently I forgot to bring my student card and so I had to walk all the way to the main entrance to get a temporary pass...not only that,I have been broke since I started my sem..I can only look at people buying stuff that I have been longing to buy...I can only window shop meanwhile other get what they want..

on top of all that,I also did have a few great days...a bunch of silly and wacky housemates plus a bunch of classmates who are willing to bare with hyperactiveness in the late nite is good enough to make my day...late nite "yum cha" sessions plus some ridiculuos indian guy on tv being our laughing stocks are the little things which will stay in my memory forever and ever...thank u all of u for making my week a good one though it's not the best one!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

tagged twice!!

tagged again!!this time,twice..alamak!
there is so much to write in both...
I think I'll finish the very 1st one 1st...

here goes...

1.The phone rings, who do you want it to be ?
A week ago,it would be my parents..but now,of course someone who has something to tell me..I am all ears!

2.When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart ? lazy bum la...

3.In a social setting, are you more of a talker or a listener ?
depends actually..with a bunch of close friends,I could be really loud but with a bunch of ppl which I dun
really noe,I am more of a listener.

4.Do you take compliments well ?
dun really..I dun really noe how to react to

5.Do you play Sudoku ?
tried them but when I found out that my answers were totally wrong,I gave up.

6.If abandoned alone in the wilderness, would you survive ?
not sure..throw me somewhere wild and I'll tell ya!

7.What song are you listening to ?
time after time(remix) old time favourite..haha

8.Did you ever go to camp as a kid ?
dun think so..kinda homely la...

9.Whats your favorite game as a kid ?
game?dun have..more to cartoons...I have original walt disney's video

10. Are you single ?
19 years...

11.Could you date someone with different religious belief to you ?
yea..y not?as long as he is caring and kind enough..n pls dun smoke...

12.Do you like to pursue or to be persued ?
I think I would enjoy being pursued more...

13.Use 3 words to describe yourself.
I am never good at this..let me try
- good listener
- tell me a secret..trustworthy to be exact
- a lil of everything la..

14. Do any songs make you cry ?
I used to cry to a song but I can't remember the title..

15.Are you continuing your education?
of course..they say once u've step into the working world,u wouldn't want to study anymore..

16.Do you know how to shoot a gun?

17.If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you grab.

18.How often do you read books ?
if u are refering to textbooks,before exams...other books,seldom or when I am in the mood/bored

19. Do you think more about the past, present or future ?
the past coz I miss those times...but I am aware that I need to look into the future..

20.What is your favorite children's book ?
Peter and Jane..actually I was forced..haha

21.What color are your eyes ?

22.How tall are you ?
I dunno exactly...150+++cm..kinda short..

23.Where is your dream house located ?
never thought of that..

24.Have you ever taken pictures in a photo booth ?
photo booth?u mean the photo stickers?if u r referring to that,yes...

25.When was the last time you were at Olive Garden ?
no eye deer...

26.Do you like mustard ?
not to bad la...

27.Do you prefer to sleep or eat ?
I dun sleep that much..I guess eat...

28.Do you look like your mom or dad ?
both coz they love me just as equal...

29.How long does it take you to shower.
my hsemates say I spend almost 20 mins in the shower..

30. Can you do the splits ?
nope..not flexible lo..

31.What movie do you want so see right now ?
HAIRSPRAY!!!I love musicals!!

32.What did you do for New Year ?
stay at home and countdown with family..

33.Do you own a camera phone ?
yea..very 1st one too..

34.Was your mom a cheerleader ? mum loves domestic science...

35.How many hours do you get at night ?
few months back,3-4 at least 6 hours...

36.Do you like care bears ?

37.What do you buy at the movies ?

38.Do you know how to play poker ?

39.Do you wear your seatbelt ?
of course..dun wan to get tickets,u c..

40.What do you wear to sleep ?
I have pyjamas at home..*shy*,outside, a t shirt and a pants

41.Anything big ever happen in your hometown ?
yes..the largest'really near home..haha..

42. How many meals do you eat a day.

43.Do you always read Friendster bulletin.
nope unless I saw an interesting one..

44.Do you like funny or serious people better ?
funny of course..u get wrinkles easily if u dun smile

45.Ever been L.A ?
no,but I will if I have the money..

46.Did you eat a cookie today ?
nope but I took a lot of green peas...

47.Tag 3 people
- mei kay
- caryn
- anyone who wants to do la

Thursday, October 11, 2007

"flying" time...

time flies...I dun think I would need to prove this statement...

it was almost 2 weeks since I last updated this Sue Ee,here goes my updates..stop spamming n ask me to update..LOL

after my finals,I was really busy coz I have the sem break all planned..I had 2 camps and 2 trips to attend was to genting with a bunch of hsemates..the other one was a family trip to bkt tinggi..

People,I am seriously telling u guys that u all should pay a trip to Bkt Tinggi no matter how expensive it can be..that place is AWESOME! I even got a caricature of myself for 30 seems flawless though,kinda different from the actual moi...

Genting trip..haha..I think the best way to describe how we feel are through the photos taken...will upload them later...

being someone who loves camps,I enjoyed them very much..the 1st one wasn't as I expected..comparing it to last year,it was less enjoyable (pls note that I am not trying to offend anyone,it's only for the sake of blogging)well,maybe it's because of the participants..the amount was much more lesser than last year(36 of them) plus they are kinda quiet which I dunno y...the OC were a great bunch of ppl but I think due to the different wavelength,communication was a bit of a problem...but overall,it was not that bad after least I love that campfire very was beautiful..thanx QM!

the next camp was first, I was practically pretending to smile and laugh but later on, I was TRULY happy...though it only lasted for 2 days,I learned a lot from the bunch of people there..they treat u truthfully..they are not pretentious at all...every activity organised in the camp itself has a meaning and it's done for a reason..everyone sets an example..every game,every rule teaches a may seem simple but they feed u with the basic principles in life such as self confidence,teamwork, and trust..they help u to understand urself better and that might even lead to changing urself into a better person...shall rmb what u guys taught me!

my conclusion:

a great holiday=pokai(empty pockets)