Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Birthday gurl...

15th of May is a date I will always remember as it is my birthday..Dun be suprised but I was born on my dad's birthday in 1988..I always tell my mum that I was her present to my dad on that particular year..LOL..

Well,before this birthdays to me was all about exams and studying..I mean it's predictable..back in high school,this time around it's always the mid term..mid term and mid term..it was never holidays as far as I can rmb..I never did know how it felt like to have my birthday in the holidays...what will I be doing,I always wonder...This year,it was different..finally I had it in my holidays...I was really happy and I am now..though there wasn't any celebrations but with the amount of friends and family that wished me,I felt that I was someone to them...

thanx guys..really appreciate the effort u guys put in to wish me a HAPPY BIRTHDAY...n thnx to caryn who thought of coming over but din make it in the end..it's alrite..the wishes are sufficient to make me happy...that all I need..hate to admit it but it might be the best birthday I have ever had...

17 minutes have passed...happy belated to daddy!oops!i forgot to wish him...and he is fast asleep now...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

dedicated to mummy!

well,today was mother's day..n the day before was nurses day..2 celebrations in a weekend..my mum celebrates both as she is a nurse(of course an ethical one) and being a superb mum,she deserves another day celebrating all the things she had done for her children and all the sacrifices in order to bring up her 2 not-very-expressive children...

I have to admit that my bro and I are not very expressive..we dun really really noe how to show that we care though deep down she is the person we admire the most,the one we respect and of course the one we love forever and ever..To me,gifts cannot be compared to the love we can give and the happiness on her face when we actually take the iniciative to do something without her nagging..she always tells me "if u are not tired of hearing,I am tired of talking,so can u pls just do as I say?"

I also admit that I am not a very obedient daughter,sometimes I even rebel..but by the end of the day,I find her words truthful enough to get thru life...like the old saying"ngo sek yim toa gou lei sek fan"(in cantonese)...I also admire her courage in fighting her illness..she fights it with all her might though she is suffering just like any other cancer patients..going thru chemo can be really sickening but she made it thru 2 complete cycles..though she did not complete all 6 cycles but 2 is sufficient enough to test her determination and courage to carry on with her life...I do know why she did not give up that easily..2 words(her children)..I might not understand what she had gone through and what it felt like to be a cancer patient but I can understand and also trust her love for us..

this is my superb mum! love ya!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

new me!

it finally RAIN in klang after a few days of 34 degrees weather...freaking hot la! that few days at home feels like I am in a huge oven...baking myself into a giant cookie...since it's that hot and stuffy,I got my haircut..secondly it's because I wanted to get a new hairstyle too...I got my fringe shorterand I maintain the length at the back,got it more layered n thinner...btw,this picture is taken with my new phone too...hehe...

Monday, May 07, 2007

exploring a new sony e..


finally I got my k618i..after losing two brand new phones bought with my angpow money,yet I bought another with this year's angpow money...it certainly feels right after suffering with that old and heavy but durable phone Nokia 3315...I pratically love everything bout this phone..

I love the colour: white

I love the keypad and thank God there is no toggle key

I love the display: internal

I love the design specially the speakers

I love the speakers,the sound

Functions are so so

Camera not too bad,at least 2 MP though with no auto focus n flash

Screen really big

Memory card not much space,only 256 MB

Thursday, May 03, 2007

iron deficiency anemia

Lab results were out.Proved that I had iron deficiency anemia.On medication for 3 months.

Lack of hemoglobins: 11.1,reference range(12.0)
Lack of red blood cells: 3.7,reference range(4.0)