Wednesday, August 20, 2008

over the weekend..

last weekend was great..
got to meet up with caryn on fri nite for a late dinner..
since i was craving for MURNI since I dunno when so caryn dearie brought me there..
so that nite I had the greatest dinner of all..
the food there was great..
we had claypot 'loh shu fun',roti hawaii and cheese naan..
and that is only 2 of us with 3 plates of food..
I think people on the tables beside us was looking at us coz we are eating too much..
after that headed back to caryn's bro's hse in damansara coz she had to pack some stuff home..
then at NZX square,there are these beautiful trees lited up with blue and pink lights..
so I decided to take pics with them..
then on sat,I finally got to meet up with the whole family for my grandpa's 80th birthday
too bad I dun have those pics..
then at home I had movie marathon with my bro..
watch 3 movies in a day..
watched chuck and larry,sweney todd and what happened in vegas..
all was good except sweeney todd..
it wasn't like what I expected..
really emo show with music that is so darn emo..
and the way he kills..makes me afraid of those blades..
vegas and chuck and larry was hilarious

Monday, August 11, 2008

things that make me happy

1. going back to my home sweet home

meeting my parents after weeks of missing them..when I was still studying,I tend to like spending my time here in KL..but once I started working,I understand the meaning of home and family..I learn to appreciate my time with them..Now even when my mum starts mumbling,I would be really grateful because I noe she cares for me..When my dad starts being overprotective,I am really happy because I noe he will be there for me..Talking to my brother and watching tv with him was nothing much previously but now it meant we siblings are spending quality time together..all that was something I used to do everyday and at times I think is routine but this time around,I dun feel like coming back to the place where I am staying now..It's HEAVEN at home..

2. meeting up with the cartoonz....
they cheer me up no matter what..I have this really special bonding with them..maybe they are just my soulmates..I always noe that i can count on them no matter what..though time spent with them is short bgh our but we had fun and we would laugh our heads off..we talk about everything just to keep each of us updated..met up with them last week and watched the mummy 3 with them..I dun think I had been that happy ever since I started working..we took loads and loads of pic..we played around with fries in fron of the camera..we put on funny faces just so that we would look like that we could be as bubbly as she is..LOL..thanx guys!that was the best friday I ever had since I sterted working..