Friday, July 24, 2009

back to uni

after 1 month of holidays procastinating and practically wasting time
I was back in uni for almost a week already
checked out my results for last semester
was as expected so I am glad
good enough to make me happy

however,I don't feel good about this semester

I can even feel the hectic-ness that I will be going through this sem
all the hassle of completing assignments and meeting datelines is all coming back to me now
just checked out the datelines for my psychology assignments yday
I was so shocked to see them
all of them are due in sept and there is about 7 to 8 assignments(minor and major ones)
on top of that, I am sure that datelines for other subjects will also be in sept especially the major ones
I don't understand the unit coordinator
why on the earth do they need to make student's life so miserable?

besides academics,I am also involved in curricular activities
joined a club and there is so many events on their calendar this semester
installation night la,convention la,C&S week la etc..
all of these require much effort and time to plan and organize
:suffocating: I need air!

then I have my own social activities that require planning and not forgetting financially too
kuantan trip la,cartoonz day (if possible), 30 hour famine, fren's 21st
oh God, save me!
:take me away to a better place:

see what I mean now?
have mercy on me and may God bless me

Monday, July 20, 2009


I managed to finish this book that has been left untouched on my bookshelf for almost 2 years
read a review about the book in some newspaper 2 years back
find the book kinda inspirational
hence, the purchase
kinda cheap too(RM19.90) as it is locally published and the short stories are by teenagers my age at that time
I never did see that buying expensive books as a wise investment back then when I was young
furthermore, how loaded can a teen like me be at that age?
anyways, after finishing this book I felt a sense of accomplishement
coz I have not successfully finished reading any book(fiction) in the past 2 years especially during college
other reasons why I feel such accomplishment are:
- 2 years back, I stop reading it half way through because I don't quite understand most of the words (I admit la,my vocabulary was bad 2 years back but it has been a lil better since I started uni). Somehow, this time around I can read through pages and pages of stories without flipping through a dictionary
- the stories was truly inspirational as according to the review I read earlier and I further understand the values in life though some of these values are conveyed by amateur writers in their short stories (I find it impressive when these young people understand so much about life as some stories are not based on true life experiences)
as the book is a compilation of short stories by malaysian writers, I find something pretty amusing
it's actually the names of 2 writers and they are actually siblings
well, I'll let u guys have a guess at it and I'll solve the mystery behind these names in my next post (dun worry la,it won't be long before my next post)
Name: Jebat Arjuna Kee Jia Liang
Soraya Sunitra Kee Xiang Yin
Q: Which race do u think these siblings belong to?
Let me give u a hint..They are MALAYSIANS
go figure!
p/s: I was trying to organize the paragraphs properly but blogger dun seem to be working,hence bare with it people!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

ipoh 2009

For the past few days I was literally disconnected from almost everyone except my uni mates
I do not have my laptop with me and there was no internet connection in my grandma's place
the only entertainment I had was the television, radio,newspaper and not forgetting my walkman phonein in fact, I did more reading than I ever had in ages such as:
1. reading the newspaper and;
2. an old book left on my bookshelf for almost 2 years now

I would describe the life back in ipoh with my grandma as laidback and relaxing
furthermore, with the cooling morning breeze alongside the cold and wet nights makes the weather seem so wonderful
we can only see the sun rising when after 11am (well,that's what u get when ur house is right next to the a huge and high mountain)
staying back there for a 5 days 4 nights trip brings back all the vivid memories that I used to have there when I was younger with my lil bro

We used to visit our grandma during our school holidays
She would always take the effort and go through all the hassle while making her way to klang and bring us back there for a long stay, least a week
during our stay there, she would cook our favourite dishes and bring us to the indoor arcade in Super Kinta to play all sorts of kiddo games (sudah close down now, tinggal the big market only)
bring us to the market near her house to buy breakfast especially glutinous rice with shredded egg
(*drools*) and the grocery shops to buy snacks,ice cream,junk food etc..
in the evening,we would always hang around the balcony where an old swing is placed (dun think u can find anything like that around, like really antique)
those were the days la..well at least it was a 5 days well spent for this trip
enough of my grandmother stories..let's jump to the snippets I got from her place


original 'durian kampung'

an old flight of stairs

the room and bed I slept for 4 nights

the old swing we used to hang out in the evenings

I once thought that it was a photo of my grandma but it was actually a photo of a famous star long time ago

an old rocking chair

parquet tiles

a collection of photos in the living hall

one of them is a photo of me when I was one
my parents's wedding photo
little lamps I used to love when I was young
p/s: I still love them now

I am still impressed with this piece of work..still wondering what stitches made this piece of work

Saturday, July 11, 2009


everyone seems to be occupied and very much busy with their lives
but I am not!!!

anyways, I am leaving for Ipoh on monday to visit my grandma

will update when I 'm back!

*1 more week till uni reopens..looking forward*

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

the weekend

I've been wanting to post some thing about last weekend
but words don't seem to be coming out from blardy brain

all in all, I was glad that the problems between my parents has been resolved now
at least it's a good kick start; all thanks to my dad's friend=)

wanted to catch transformers with my bro n mom on sat at aeon bkt tinggi
what we actually overlooked was the thought that there will still be tickets
as we approach the cinema, we saw a huge crowd at the ticket counter, the F & B counter and not forgetting the main entrance to their respective cinemas
the queue was unimaginable, tickets were out from the morning slot till the slot at 9pm
hence, we canceled the plan to catch a movie and went home instead
nonetheless, we had some fun at home being plumbers of the day

on sun, we had one great family gathering though we had to wake up so early in the morning
we had a delicious breakfast of 'bak kut teh' and buffet dinner with all the relatives in the Lee family
all of us gathered under one roof with lame jokes and my dad's loud voice has always been a routine in our family gatherings
there was so much fun though time spent together was short


Thursday, July 02, 2009

sue ee

My dear cousin..

U'll be leaving Malaysia for Aussie in 20 hours
The fact that I won't be seeing u for another 6 months reminds me of the days we spent together
from the not really close cousins to the best of frens ever
I remember:
those days where each of us sits across each other on both ends of the room with our backs facing each other
the day u brought me into the college for my orientation
those days where both of us cry ourselves to sleep coz we both feel homesick
those mornings when ur bro used to send us back to kl and both of us always tend to fall asleep
those days when we would take evening strolls in TBR
those days when we plan our trip to genting
those days when we plan suprise birthdays for our housemates
those days when we had dinner together at the chinese stall in TBR
those days when we used to tease Yuki so much and had so much fun doing it
those days when we had BBQ sessions
those days when we had mamak sessions till the wee hours of the day

and so many many more
the list goes on and on

however, I wish u all the best in Aussie
hopefully, u will enjoy every moment there and bring home unforgettable memories
take care ya!
till we meet again in another 6 months..bon voyage!
have a safe journey there..