Monday, March 30, 2009

awfully pathethic

I felt so awfully pathetic on thursday
I doubt u all remember but it was raining cats and dogs in the evening
and it shall be an evening to remember

why do I feel awfully pathetic?

like I said earlier, it was raining cats and dogs that evening
as usual, I would need to walk all the way to sunway college to wait for the bus
so, it was almost time when I am supposed to walk there
but as I was about to make my way there, it started raining
I thought maybe I should stay put for some time to wait for the rain to stop or at least when it's not that heavy
that never did happen and because I was running out of time

I had to use my silly-bodoh-useless-hong leong-red- white umbrella
walking in the rain with an umbrella like that is a very unpleasant experience
upon reaching that place, I realised the only shed I could get there was trees to be in view of the buses
but we are advised not to stand under trees when there is lightning
therefore, I had to bare standing under the umbrella in that heavy rain and waited for the bus
the bus only came half an hour later
as I was standing there, I could sense the people around looking at me
they must be having a mindset that this girl is so bodoh
"y is she standing there with her umbrella instead of having herself under the shed across the street?"
fyi, I am not that stupid
if I could see the buses from the other side of the street I would have made my way there
and not standing so stupidly under the rain
kesimpulannya, having to walk there, wait there and have people around me thinking that I am stupid makes me feel awfully pathetic

this weekend had another assignment done
submitting on mon
but there are more to come
in the following 2 weeks, I have 3 assignments to submit
2 which falls on the same day
I realised in uni we are none other than piled up with assignments

no worries,
still surviving
sides, it's only the 4th week of uni
can't die that soon

Monday, March 23, 2009

over the weekend

this is a weekend that I would say hectic..
to some of you. it might sound nothing much
but in my days of procastination, these comparatively sounds way more for a weekend

Friday (20/03)

I was told about siew kuan's lost on wed
intended to go for the funeral on thurs but I was too tired and I had no mode of transport to get there
and so I went on friday
being at the funeral reminds me of my grandpa's funeral
it seems true that chinese funerals are considered more of a family gathering rather than a funeral alone
u can see people griefing but at the same time u can also hear people laughing
looking at siew kuan's parents, I really feel sorry for them
they looked so pale while siew kuan and the siblings looked ok
maybe it's just their way of concealing their grief

siew kuan's grandma has always been a grandma of my own
I am grateful and thankful for the years that she cooked lunch for us
or else we die of hunger..haha
and also the times where we actually sat down altogether to have a grandma-grandchildren talk about loads of stuff
recalling the last time I met her,she was in such despair and she seems to lose all hope on everything
she whinds about how lonely she was at home alone when all the grandchildrens are in school
how she can't do the cooking anymore
how she needs to walk relying on a walking aid and much much more
at the point, it saddens me to see her that way
now that she's gone, I am sure she will be free from all that has been bothering her these years
Rest In Peace.

Saturday (21/03)

sat mornings are like heaven to me, but this sat morning is hell
I had to wake up as early as 8 coz I agreed upon accompanying my aunt to the colleges' open days
first up, we went to SEGI college in subang to check out the A Levels program thr
it turned out that they only offer courses in sciences and my cousin intends to take up arts
then we are introduced to the ADP which seems pretty interesting
but my cousin is kinda reluctant to take up the course coz he claims that it is "unpopular"
and the director of examination thr who was hard selling this program is kinda sacarstic
so we decided that we might as well pass

therefore my aunt suggested we have a look at inti
there, they also had something like ADP
but besides that, they also offer UK degress
after hours of enquiring and explaination from the cousellor
they were merely deciding on the diploma
they thought they might just go home and infrom my uncle 1st
and he gives them the green light, they would register the day after

by the end of the day, I still can't get over that stupid SEGI college examination director
*no offence to caryn ya*

Sunday (22/03)

went to check out caryn's graduation showcase in subang parade with cartoonz
the exhibition was not big or huge
but the work displayed are good
the people there are talented people even though there were very few of them
students from the faculty of arts and design had impressive works
the one I admire the most is the student from photography and industrial design
all of them actually spent a lot on getting their stuff displayed, the setup of the place and of coz the rental

had a late lunch with caryn
then headed back home

basically that is what I claim as a hectic weekend

Monday, March 16, 2009

conceptual restaurant

this is just a random post as I was sitting in the comp lab in uni waiting for time to pass..
I spend most of my breaks here..
facebook-ing, scrolling through various blogs of others..
today I found something really interesting..not exactly found.
I watched in on TV and I was really wondering where this restaurant is located..
hence,I googled it and I found the official website..

this is actually a conceptual restaurant
the difference between this restaurant and our normal lepak-ing cafes and restaurants is that they have very I would say disgusting seats and tables
but at the same time u find it interesting and creative
the disgusting seats I am referring to are toilet bowls..there is no typo error here..TOILET BOWLS
and the tables are either sinks or bath tubs
despite the disgusting seats and tables, they have 3 very cute lil mascots:
1) toilet bowl

the food was on the higher end according to some visitors of the restaurant
as for drinks, they have a series of soap drinks with interesting colours(sodas)
and the bowls and plates of the restaurant are also toilet bowls and bath tubs
with the furnitures, it makes the restaurant looks inviting though the interior was ok
some did say the food was not good but it's something conceptual
nobody said conceptual restaurants have good food
but I think it's worth trying as it is something new for everyone
so embrace urself for a disgusted meal!

anyway,it's not located anywhere in the heart of KL which seems like it
check them out if u r in Penang
the address: 3F-43 43A 45, 100 (Queensbay Mall), Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Penang

Friday, March 06, 2009

first hand experience in monash

the proclaims in this post is entirely genuine

yesterday marks the end of my classes for this week
the very first week where classes commence
after 3 days of classes, I think I do have an idea on what uni life is all about
let me briefly take u through my 1st week of classes


-the uni is neither too big nor too small, their offices are all in one building so we always noe where to head to when we need assistance from the lecturers or even the administrators. Lecture halls are not as comfy as the ones I had in college coz the seats in my college are cushioned and here they are plastic seats which really hurt ur butt even it's only an hour. But classrooms are nice compared to college, they have better and more organised tables and more comfy chairs. Next the cafeteria which is the only place we can eat as the other places seems really far, the price and choices of food are of no difference with what we can get in subang and pj area.


-for this sem I am having 4 subjects consisting of 1 core subject, 2 electives and 1 LAN subject.
went for lectures and tutorials and everything was really different from college. Firstly, buying a textbook is not necessary in college but in uni, there is a need to get a textbook or else u can't study and u can't do ur assignments. Then is the referencing system. Lecturers in uni is really concerned about plagirism and marks will be deducted even if u miss a punctuation in citing the reference. Next, research is a very popular form of studying in uni. U need to look up for information on ur own in the library such as books and journals to actually get reliable resources. We tend to turn to the internet when we need information but the info provided there is just too vast and we can't identify which is true and false. So we need to do it the traditional way by going back to the books to seek for help.

3)social circle

-being an international and worldwide known education instituition, the campus tend to have many foreign students from china, indonesia, korea, iran and even exchange students from australia. it's great knowing that we would have classmates from all over the world and from different cultures. Nevertheless, we still tend to stick to our very own company of friends and accquantainces. Being in a society like that drives me away from how I used to socialize with people. People of the same culture might even look at you from a different perspective in fact those who are from a different culture treat u equally. I got to know this malay girl from singapore and we became instant friends. Trying to get a friend from the same culture seems really distant right now.

Basically this quotes my feelings now,

"To grasp any understanding seemed like trying to climb a greasy pole" - a qoute from some book I read today

Will be going on a weekend holiday with my family..It has been such a long time since I last went on a trip with them..Will try to get photos of strawberries..

Monday, March 02, 2009

orientation week

the past week was my orientation week in monash
this symbolises the start of something new
from new environment to new friends

activities range from workshops to games
3 days out of 5 I was there
1st day was not that bad, nothing much though
brief introduction to our school and the commitees in the student's association

day 2 was a workshop thingy
din expect it to be boring but anyway it was still bareable
only a few students took part
seems like arts students are really artsy fartsy
because our arts workshop with the science workshop, science workshop has way more students attending

day 3 was a brief introduction to our courses, lecturers and subjects
then there was the librabry tour n campus tour
monash is way smaller than tarc, hence it easier to get around
we dun need to walk miles just to go for tutorials or lectures at least

that's a brief summary on my orientation week
my classes commences on tues
looking forward..LOL
p/s: plan to get a bob haircut..think it will work on me?anyone?I need opinions..