Thursday, August 20, 2009

the misfortunes

郭静 - 心墙

yday did not start off well
to start the day off, I barely slept (only managed to sleep for approx. 3 hrs)
waking up so early 3 days a week has became a routine since last sem
due to insufficient sleep, I slept in the train yday morning
and I end up on the verge of missing my stop at subang (phew!)
then, as I walking towards the bus stop I accidentally banged my forehand on some pole there (ouch! lucky takde benjol)
after that, life went on as usual with classes, lunch and all
as I was about to go home, I thought of getting some water from the water dispenser
the water was kinda cold hence refilled some hot water as well
suddenly a small accident happened so quickly that I couldn't catch how everything happened
the next thing I know, hot water was all over my hand (freaking hot!)
terlecur a bit but not really serious
however the pain was excruciating all the way home

a fren of mine asked me to look on the bright side of everything
somehow, I feel that there's just too much to digest in a day
they always say when God closes a door, He opens another window
I guess the window that is opened for me today would be something which relieves me from the worries I had since last weekend
Finally I managed to get my fren on the phone today ( the fren I mentioned in my last post)
I was so relieved, hearing her on the phone meaning she's alright
and of course also to settle matters concerning the event
thus, I think all the misfortunes yday are worthwhile after all

李玖哲 - 解脱

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

unproductive, desparate

Disagree - Suicide Note

been looping this song very much lately
though it's kinda irrelevant to my life
but I am kinda attached..

anyways, I've been procastinating very badly the whole weekend
assignments are still left untouched on my desk
done some readings but I haven't got anything substansial yet
status: unproductive

also recently, I was trying to contact this fren of mine for days since last weekend
she dun seem to be picking up my phone calls I dun understand why
at some point, I was so worried about her
coz she was still replying my messages last friday
after that, she sort of just disappeared
she dun pick up my calls and neither is she replying my messages
I am desparate to contact her
an urgent matter concerning an event
the last thing on my mind now is that I hope she picks up my call tmr morning
pls do!!!!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

busy days awaiting

in the next few weeks, I'll be going through all that hassle again
assignments and datelines are not even a mile away from me
it's already week 4 in uni
during this period last semester, I would have submitted my very first assignment
but at the same period this semester, I am still procastinating

I have not even started doing any research for my 1st assignment this sem

I got my the question for my 1st assesstment alr
it's such a vast and general topic that I dun even where should I start
give it a guess..GLOBALISATION
we are supposed to choose a side whether are we for or against it
but there are so many aspects to globalisation to start with
though we are only supposed to focus on 1 aspect but still I find it not easy
a 500 word editorial/speech
seems easy rite?

psychology this sem is starting to get a bit dry when it comes to studying about RDA
RDA - Research Design Analysis
the amount of slides solely for this topic in a lecture can go up to 103 are we supposed to bare with so may slides when it is so dry?
this sem is challenging in a way but it is draining more energy out of me compared to last sem
we even have presentations,lab reports and posters in form of writing
I guess the going just gets tough
happens all the time rite?

CKI National Convention '09

it has been 2 weeks since the convention ended
but the memories are still vivid in my mind
an event filled with great experience and not forgetting great company

this national convention is actually an event where they gather all Circle K members in Malaysia
particularly in Klang valley and also the one in Johor
the objective of the event was to promote fellowship, leadership skills and also to serve ppl which is the main purpose of all Circle K clubs under Kiwanis International
basically what's more interesting about the convention was to meet ppl from other colleges
let's move to the photos
they are worth a million words

reached dusun eco on 1/8/09

opening ceremony

group photo 1 after opening ceremony

1 of the stations in treasure hunt

performance during our "indoor" campfire

games during campfire

monash's exhibit

dorm mates

ph-ph- ph-phoenix

the monash Circle K-ers

group photo 2 before we leave

leaving dusun

bye bye dusun!

there are more photos in my facebook..can check them out there

Thursday, August 06, 2009

the absence

I am really sorry bout the absence
But for the past few days I was just not fit enough to come online even to facebook

Firstly, I was at a convention in Dusun Eco Resort, Bentong, Pahang over the weekend
a great weekend, a weekend well spent and spent wisely
right after that, I headed straight to PC fair to get my brand new laptop coz I would be needing it soon enough
and my dad bought a new camera too and suprisingly it's METALLIC RED (just like my phone)

after that weekend, things gotten from bad to worse
on monday, I was down with a very dry throat and I keep coughing all day long
on tuesday, the cough was gone and I was down with fever pulak
then, yday I had flu
this morning I woke up with sore throat and now it had 2 additional frens which cough and flu

I haven't been sick for ages which means my immunity system should be alrite
but now I doubt that
furthermore with H1N1 spreading radically
it's just hard not to admit that we are all scared that we will get infected
however, I never regetted my trip to that convention
it's was worth all the hassle and tired-ness
monash Circle K-ers rock!
we are so honoured to be organizing the 3rd Circle K National Convention 2010
I am so looking forward to it..
and I hope to see u peeps from other colleges in the next convention

will upload the photos of the convention in the next post
haven't compile the photos yet
(as usual la) since I have been sick for days