Wednesday, August 29, 2007

HSM 2!!!

saw a post on HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL 2 on ryn's blog...I love the 1st one so much and I watched it like for over a million that the 2nd one is premiering,I am afraid I wont be able to catch it..not even possible to go over to a friend's house to watch coz:

1) I am having my finals..
2) I will staying in KL for the weekends..
3) I dun have ASTRO at home..this seems to be the biggest poblem...

So I am asking for help over there any chance I can watch the movie?anyone with any solutions?


Friday, August 24, 2007

can I be selfish??

People say that I am kind but I always doubt that...noe y?

That is because I don't believe in kindness itself anymore...Being kind to others doesn't mean that they will be kind to u instead they take advantage of u...they even take u for granted..they expect u to help them out when they are in trouble..they expect u to noe what to do when they say that so-great-word " I don't know"...they expect u do it again and again just because u r KIND...they use u when they think u give them benefits and get what they want...they treat u only as an ORDINARY sharing secrets n stuff like that...u r not part of them when it comes to fun..u are just a freaking nerd and geek among them...smses only contains words like "how to do this","how to do that" and not a single word on "hey,lets have fun this weekend"...nobody cares when u are in trouble..they don't even lend a helping hand...

as a person,I don't believe in perfection and of course no one can be perfect in this matter how KIND a person can be,there will a time when they are selfish..they would only look and think for themselves...they would be the 1st ones to grab their shoes and run when they dun wan to get involved with u...but I always have the thinking that the least I can do for a friend is to stand up for them when u think they are right...lending them a hand when they really need moral support when I can't support them practically...that's the least I can do for an ORDINARY FRIEND..but it seems like I am not getting the respect I want as a friend...
sorry for being tis emo...I have been keeping this to myself for a very long time..did not tell anyone nor express it coz I don't know how to puzzle out my sentence to make it sound better...but finally,I managed to.

Monday, August 13, 2007


LOL..I think it's almost a week since I last updated..pretty obvious that I've been really busy...assignment was bundling up to my head..can't help it..tutors just love torturing us like what was written on my MSN personal msg, I had 3 assignments to submit and 2 presentations last friday..all in one day till I think I lose myself in my last presentation...I was actually scratching my head while presenting...not scratching as in I forgot but as in rude coz I was way to tired to realised what I was exactly doing in front of so many ppl specially my lecturer..I think she was kinda pissed off plus our topic wasn't that interesting after all..

well,at least my media planning assignment did turn out alright though I had to redo some was not abig deal after least for some last minute work like that, it was good enough..yeah yeah I dun deny doing last minute work but that wasn't exactly what I had in mind..we were clueless bout the whole assignment.. neither did the tutor explain crucially what are we supposed to do..and nobody took the iniciative to ask her...our fault too...I dun deny...though getting used to the last minute kind of habit, but we suffer as we have finish everything in like a's a major assignment and we only started a week before the deadline...great in not a very nice way huh?

though I was busy with assignments, I did took some time off to watch a good thriller taking my mind off everything for that 2 whole hours...haha...DISTURBIA was good!believe me...I am seriously loving that guy more and more...he was good in transformers,now yet another well done job in disturbia...Shia Labeouf...cute!!!can't upload pics today..I shall save it for another day!!

before the movie, we managed to camwhore a lil...LOL!

that's all folks!!tata!!teehee!!

Saturday, August 04, 2007


excuse me,I am simply frustrated....and it's getting to my nerves when I can't sleep....

btw,no worries! I'll be fine when I get to sleep...




SO DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!