Saturday, April 26, 2008


1. my exhibition for the very last semester is over..way to go DAV2 C2!
check out the photos here.

2. end of the exhibition meaning end of my diploma..I m so gonna miss u all!!

3. exams are just around the corner..already in the sleepless nites state..

4. after diploma, might look out for internships before continuing degree..

5. or maybe even get some part time job while waiting for my dip cert in order to apply for jobs in the adv line..

6. would be leaving what has been my life these 2 years..drastic change..

7. changes are really hard to adapt to..but we still need to accept them and start all over again.

8. got caught up with this quote: be all you could be because you only have one life to live

9. looping this song by mariah carey (bye bye)

10. studying..

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

fickle tutors..

getting really sick of the tutors this semester..
they are so darn fickle..
dah la they are giving so many assignments, can't they decide on 1 deadline..
making us feel like a fool..
firstly they said A n then the next day B pulak..
sickening la..

long story la..
I have a design subject this semester after so many semesters without them..
n the tutor is still the same but this time much much more fickle..
we had our presentation last week and she rejected all of our designs..
being a second year last sem student, that's quite embarassing..
she asked to choose our very best design and she approved..
but on that presentation day,she said it's boring..
how can someone be in that state of mind in just a matter of days..
after that,she said she wants to see them this afternoon..
but when we went n see her,she let us down..
she said she will see them on thursday..

N then there is other lecturer who also that fickle..
she keeps postponing our mid term and deadlines after seeing us putting all our efforts in just to satisfy her..
I am like WTF la..
what the hell are they thinking and what do they are doing la..
I heard of the last sem being tough but that is not how it works..
u can give us piles and piles of assignments but pls do not make us look like fools..
adshive though la we all syok sendiri..



Wednesday, April 02, 2008


the blog is dead again..
declaring it very soon..
kinda occupied now so I'll just make everything brief..

there isn't much to tell actually..
since I started my new semester,work have really been piling..
one after another..
making me appreciate sleep n rest very much..
havent been sleeping well..
average only 5 hrs per day and work 12 hrs a day..
my pocket is dry..
my brain is dry..
short semesters may seem short..
but it's not..
with work piling up like this,it seems like it is gonna take forever to finish..

even worse is that, we wont be having any study week this time..
our campaign is on the study week..
and we are not very sure whether effort put into the assignment will pay off or not..
with all the hard work, sleepless nites, and money..

- ah puik -