Thursday, September 04, 2008

merdeka weekend..

the merdeka weekend was really long..
family went to bukit merah without me..
dah la cannot tag along on the trip..
fall sick pulak..
so had to see the doctor..

drove to jusco to meet up with mei kay..(30/8)
she hasn't change much..
but she has certainly gotten prettier..
she will be going to terengganu to work in oct.
will be there for a year working under club med..
that sounds fun but unfortunately I can't go..
the contract would be for a year..
but I would need to resume my studies next year..
I think that would be a great experience to expose ourselves..
after that,drove to panadamaran to see the doctor..
I din expect to catch a flu or even have a slight fever..
all I wanted was just a medical slip for 31/08..
mana tau really fall sick..
so she gave me 2 days MC..
it seems like ages since I last fall sick..
so this time it was kinda bad..
still having flu till now..
my colleagues are even telling me that my voice has changed..

then later at night,got nowhere to go for countdown..
so ajak sue ee for dinner since we both were date-less for the nite..
went for dinner at secret recipe..had prawn macroni but can't even finish..wasted la..
then sue ee suggested we go for went n check out what to watch..
after minutes of searching,we found death race..
good show..worth watching..
n not forgetting our mascular hero of the nite jason statham..I still think he is hot..

1 more important thing during the weekeend..(29/08 - 1/09)
outings with the cartoonz again..
this time all 5 of us..
treated them to a dinner in oh sushi!..
finally we managed to get a pic of 5 of us..
the last photo of us was dated back in form 5 and that was like 3 years ago..
but it was really great hanging out with them again..
we camwhored even more this time..

then sk n me stayed over at caryn's bro's place..
we had big apple doughnuts and nescafe for breakfast at the playground..
back to the old times in southern park during high school..

after breakfast,sk headed back to her uni..
me n ryn headed back klang..
on the 31/08,met up with with wei loong,topper,ah guan,kok yee,meow chin,song,n chee wei at mcds..
had fries n baskin robbins for supper..
we were also busy experimenting dry ice in mcds..LOL!
after mcds session,we had mamak session with topper,kok yee n ah guan..

practically a very long weekend..din get much rest though I m sick..