Friday, January 23, 2009


maybe it's due to the recession..
this year's CNY dun seem to be any merrier than the years before..
no more crowds in the hypermarket rushing for mandarin oranges..
aunties in the morning market is only buy daily usage products..
no more crowds in shopping malls grabbing new colthes..
no pasar malam stalls selling cny deco shouting "3 for 10"

even in my family and at home nothing seems merrier..
no more cny decos like the years before..
workload in cleaning the hse do seem lesser..
but there are more painting to do..
my gates are in purple this year..
and I am liking that colour very much..
my hse certainly looks brighter this year..
I was even worried that it might turn out ugly when my mum n I first chose that colour..
but now I thank God it looks great..

my status currently:
So fyi, I am officially unemployed now..
mushrooms are growing everywhere..
will be starting my studies end of feb..
would be taking degree in communication n psychology in monash..
that would be a double major..
a 3 years duration..long way to go..
3 years from now,not much of a plan yet maybe a lil charity before I start work officially

What do I mean by "a lil charity"?
Recently, was told by caryn about a program working abroad to help the ones in need in a few countries like China and Africa..all u have to do is just pay for ur air ticket and leave the rest to them..they provide food and in return u help out those who r in need like HIV patients or even children who do not get proper seems really interesting and it was really what I was looking for all along..I've always wanted to do such things but I dun really noe who to approach and when caryn told me about this I got really attached to the i thought I might try it out..I might do it during my summer breaks or maybe even after i graduate..I guess after graduating would be better as I would have all the time I need and also the money I need..

guess i am straying from my topic already..
so I'll just stop..

Friday, January 09, 2009


Things can change in the matter of seconds.."tick tock tick tock", that's how time changes..
With every passing second, the time changes; people changes..
But the gap between a second from the other is not even measureable..
I'm sure that none of us matters how far is one second from the other but I'm sure that people matters about what happens in that split second..

Siting on my bed today, I realise that things have change as every second, minute and hour passes by. Nothing is how it used to be anymore; the relationship between people, the priorities in life and each step we will be taking next. I came to understand how gap and distance influence relationship between people. The distance maynot be too far nor too near but still it manages to affect a relationship. I am not talking about relationship betwwen couples nor lovers as that will be different. The one I am referring to is friendship. Even a distance of 2 classrooms can affect the friendship between 2 best friends of many years. They may used to have a lot in common but in the matter of months, everything changes from something to nothing.

Suprisingly, a distance of 4 classes did not even affect a single bit of the friendship between them. They still get along really well. How can distance affect one and do not affect the other? In fact, the nearer one is drifting apart and the further one is drawing closer. This could also happen in a split second just like how the previous second u're in 2008 and the next second u're in 2009.


sorry ppl..being a bit emo these days..just a random post of what has just popped out of my mind in a split second..