Saturday, March 08, 2008


went for a dancing class just now..
enjoyed it very much..
thinking whether will I be able to continue in the following week..
there are just too many assignments..
I really dunno where should I start..

was feeling a lil down a few days back..
dun really wanna talk about..
all I can say is that I regeretted being such a nice person..
I'll lend anybody a hand when they need one..
but I guess I really understand the meaning of SELFISH rite now..
at times,I just dun understand how can ppl be so selfish..
they care about nothing else except for themselves..
disappointment like this really taught me alot about true friendship..

true friendship never betrays you..
true friendship never leaves u alone..
true friendship never knows the meaning of SELFISH..
true friendship never comes and goes that easily..

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wrong judgement

I am so wrong..
Wrong judgement..

Don't ever judge a book by its cover!!!
(100% TRUE)

trust me..

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

new sem

this sem started off quite well..
it was kinda of a good headstart to a happy n last semester..
let's just hope everything goes well and we will be able to stick through thick and thin..
we are finally back together..
smiling and laughing together..talking like there was nobody else in the world except us..
going out on outings like we used to do..
though we will be separated into groups for assignments but I am sure we can still be together..
I am really glad to see that..
this happiness overcome my the hectic timetable I have though it's only 2 subjects..

one more good news to announce is that I finally got this part time job..
Venue: F1 circuit
Date: 21st - 23rd March 2008
Pay: 250 per day
Task: sell BMW merchandise(in fact not much promoting need to be done)
*food and transport provided*
oh well,by luck the company which interviewed me for ths job was an advertising agency..
when I told them that I was studying advertising,they kinda advise me to apply for some internships after graduating...
they even offered me to keep in touch with them if ever I am interested..
so I guess I killed 2 birds with a stone..
with their advise,it actually helped me to make my decision on what to do after I graduate..
I am planning to apply for internships after this and then be an intern for half a year or something..
and then only pursue my degree..
at least I think the experience of being an intern can help me to decide whether advertising is the line I would like work for the rest of my life..
if not,I might change my major in degree..

People say that u might be lost now but there would be a moment where u will be able to decide what u wanna do with ur life and I think I have been thru that moment..
By the way,I think that line is from One Tree Hill Season 4..
was re-watching it yday nite..qouted by Lucas Scott(the ever charming Chad Micheal Murray)
that moment was: when I was in the car on the way back to KL yday nite..
haha..looks like I am doing a lot of thinking lately everywhere I go..
I was really doing a lot of thinking nowadays..
I seem to see that the people around me are really capable of planning their life and I am like a bird without it's sense of direction..
Now I think I can actually grasp half of my future not including working..
that's the other half..