Sunday, April 29, 2007


Name: Lee Mun Pui
Birth Date: 15th of May 1988
Current Status: single..enjoying it
Eye Colour: Black
Righty or Lefty: righty

My Heritage: typical chinese la
My Fears: starting a new life in a new environment
My Weakness: try my best to please everybody but not myself..
My Perfect Pizza: loads of pineapple and I love tuna pizzas a lot..

My thoughts first waking up: I still wanna sleep!!!
My bedtime: I sleep when I feel like sleeping
My most missed memories: hanging out with cartoonz...high schooling days...8 chee mui in the same class..

Pepsi or Coke: Coke of course...
McDonalds or Burger King: McD
Single or Gruoped Dates: Single..would love the time alone...
Adidas or Nike: I love Adidas' d style..
Tea or Nestea: Tea
Chocolate or Vanilla: hate stuff with vanilla..
Cappucino or Coffee: Kopi O

Smoke: never...
Curse: occasionally
Take a shower: omg..who does not take a shower?
Have a crush: used to,not now.
Think u've been in love: no..not yet...
Go to school: TAR college
Want to get married: yeah...
Believe in urself: at times..depends...

Drank Alcohol: yeap!
Gone to the mall: du~uh
Been on stage: yup
Eaten sushi: yea..but dun really raw thingy
Dyed ur hair: attempting..wait till I get the chance

Played a stripping game: nope..someday
Change who you were to fit in: I live up to my own expectations only...

To be married; idea..never thought of it

Best eye colour: ermm..any colour will do
Best hair colour: doesn't matter..has nothing to do with personality rite?
Short hair or long hair: short would be just fine

A minute ago: typing this tag
An hour ago: watching wei xiao pasta
4.5 hours ago: online? I think...
1 month ago: can't remember...dun ask

I love: karaoke sessions! yippie!
I feel: relaxed..exam is all over..
I hate: selfish people and smokers
i hide: well, alot..not telling
I miss: friends in college,yuki,n cartoonz of course!
I need: to tidy up my room! a real mess..

Mei Kay
Sue Ee
Siew Kuan

Friday, April 27, 2007

farewell sem 3!

took my first paper just now...well,seems pretty easy if I did study harder..I just wish I memorised more,then at least I would not lose 15 marks altogether..I think I just threw those marks into the rubbish bin..was really disappointed...confidence wasn't with me when I took the up,mass media paper!a tougher one compared to music...that would be my last paper for the sem and that's how I will end this sem...with satisfaction I hope..let's just hope I can do better for mass media...pray hard that my effort tonite till tomorrow morning is worthwhile...not getting any sleep tonite..studying all night long..yup!that's what I will be doing...

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

offended betul...

went up a bus today to get home to TBR...along with a few of my housemates and roommates..hop on to the bus and settle down next to some old chinese man...we were chatting happily and in the conversation,i did spoke in malay but that's like only a few words...then that stupid old man beside starts saying:

Old man:"ur BM not very good hor?"(in mandarin)
Old man:"ur BM not very good,that's y u all study in this college la is it?u guys' result sure not very good wan..if not,y aren't u guys studying in singapore or sumthing like that"

After that,he kept quiet since no one is responding to him..who would fucking respond to him la..
Then as I was getting up from my seat to actually get down from the bus,that stupid fucking old man said:
"Miss,u so short wan ar?"

I was like so darn offended with his words..what on earth have I done to u?I only sat beside u and that also not on the same row..maybe he has some serious mental problem or he is just trying to play someone out coz he's too bored and he has nothing much to do..maybe that is y his children left..blurting out nonsense to anyone he meets on the street..yeah,maybe that is what he is trying to do...and if he does has some mental illness,would his children just at least send him the hospital?thinking about this makes me feel like slapping him right on the face la...

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Friday the 13th...

yesterday might be the unluckiest day of all..

woke up yesterday at 8.30..supposed to have a presentation at 12..nothing and no one was really prepared for it...assignment is supposed to be hand in before the presentation but we end up handing it in right before our presentation..

this is how the story goes..

this mass media assignment was distributed to us since week 3(currently is week 6)..our tutor explained almost every detail but she did not mention how are we supposed to start on the assignment..I think she expects us to go directly to her and was a group assignment, a group of 5..formed our group with my normal hangouts..that was in week 3..after the long and winding roads with assignments chirping in between,we finnaly reached week 5...we did not even touch a single bit of that assignment,not even a group discussion..with most of us not understanding the actual meaning of the question,nobody took the iniciative to ask the tutor...and so we carried on doing without further questions but based on our understanding on the question...finally we did start on our assignment..But somehow,I felt that it was not the right of doing it and so I took the iniciative to ask my ever smart class rep and she came up with answers to my doubts..realizing that we were on the wrong path, I called my group members and started explaining to them how are supposed to do it...called the 1st one and she said she understands..called the 2nd one and he is in the ktv room,he barely heard what I said but also told me that he understands..all of us started on the assignment all over again but my phone line was surely busy with phone calls asking how to do it...rmb the 2nd one I called?

on sunday,he called saying that he doesn't know how to do frustrated I can be,I did his part not forgetting another mate that doesn't have a comp back at the end of sunday,I managed to finish it and I asked him to print it out..isn't that really simple?but yet,he can't come up with it and instead he asked another mate to it for that favour too awful after what I did?fine then..came the presentation day,we left out one page in the assignment..thought of printing it in college..after waiting for a long queue,the F***ing comp gone haywire..then we thought of photostating another copy for presentation,but some stupid fella cut into our line and the other one in front was photostating for ages..fine again..then we thought clipping it together to hand in, the "bodoh" stapler got no then we were already late for class..after getting into class,we can't get the laptop to read my pendrive as we need the slideshow...finally when we got another laptop,battery dropped to zero
but lucky we had the charger...while presenting,I had no material in hand and my topic was the page we left out in the assignment

supposedly a group assignment but in the end it turned into a duet unlucky can someone get?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

a story to tell...

Runaway Love - Ludacris ft Mary J.Blige

Hook - Mary J. Blige]
Runaway love
Runaway love
Runaway love
Runaway love
Runaway love
Runaway love
Runaway love
Runaway love

[Verse 1 - Ludacris]
Now little lisa is only 9 years old
Shes tryin to figure out why the world is so cold
Why shes all all alone and they never met her family
Mamas always gone and she never met her daddy
Part of her is missin and nobody will listenin
Mama is on drugs gettin high up in the kitchen
Bringin home men at different hours of the night
Startin with laughs--usually endin in a fight
Sneak into her room while her mamas knocked out
Tryin to have his way and little lisa says 'ouch'
She tries to resist but then all he does is beat her
Tries to tell her mom but her mama don't believe her
Lisa is stuck up in the world on her own
Forced to think that hell is a place called home
Nothin else to do but some get some clothes and pack
She says shes bout to run away and never come back.

[Hook - Mary J. Blige]Runaway love [x8]

[Verse 2 - Ludacris]
Little nicole is only 10 years old
Shes steady tryin to figure why the world is so cold
Why shes not pretty and nobody seems to like her
Alcoholic step dad always wanna strike her
Yells and abuses, leaves her with some bruises
Teachers ask questions she makin up excuses
Bleedin on the inside, cryin on the outIts only one girl really knows what she about
Her name is lil stacy and they become friends
Promise that they always be tight til the end
Until one day lil stacy gets shot
A drive by bullet went stray up on her block
Now nicole stuck up in the world on her own
Forced to think that hell is a place called home
Nothin else to do but some get some clothes and pack
She says shes bout to run away and never come back.

[Hook - Mary J. Blige]Runaway love [x8]

[Verse 3 - Ludacris]
Little erica is eleven years old
Shes steady tryin to figure why the world is so cold
So she pops x to get rid of all the pain
Cause shes havin sex with a boy whos sixteen
Emotions run deep and she thinks shes in love
So theres no protection hes usin no glove
Never thinkin bout the consequences of her actions
Livin for today and not tomorrows satisfaction
The days go by and her belly gets big
The father bails out he aint ready for a kid
Knowin her mama will blow it all outta proportion
Plus she lives poor so no money for abortion
Erica is stuck up in the world on her own
Forced to think that hell is a place called home
Nothin else to do but get her clothes and pack

[Hook - Mary J. Blige]
Runaway love [repeats til end]



I am in Klang right now at this hour, this minute and this was "lifeless" for the past week...being drowned with assignments and more assignments...going to college seems to be my bowl of rice everyday...and walking down the road back home filled with tonnes and tonnes of buses and cars makes me feel really frustrating at times...

Back in KL,I will be shifting to a new house in same area meaning I am still staying in the ever famous Taman Bunga Raya in Setapak...I will be shifting in May..The whole house cost us each 500++..can't wait to get back our money from the old hose owner and also our deposit from the new tenants...I am really broke...pockets and atm cards are really empty..but did manage to have enough money to come back home..phew!

Again,I got a post as the assistant of p&p whereby I have to start designing bookmarks,flaglines, posters AGAIN! At times, I doubt my ability in designing...Ideas don't come to me that brains are really dry and I can tell u that some ideas come from the bathroom while bathing..Inspirations come that way..funny huh? I got this post coz someone recommended me and in order not to let that person down, I said yes...I did thought of saying no but I end up saying yes...and people start saying that I am being too kind but I just dun noe how to say no to a lot of things...

Already life in college is not that lively after all, must my friends there add up to that..I felt really annoyed with them especially for the past few weeks..I can understand that we have elective subjects now and u guys have ur own assignments but dun take it for granted that we can always tolerate..we have our assignments too but we did not let it influence the assignment we should be doing together...and now u guys are coming to me at the last hour to finish ur part of the assignment...U guys got an A for ur assignment our assignment together is in a mess..what the hell am I supposed to say?If I complain, u guys get angry and that will ruin our friendship but If I keep it inside, I dun feel comfortable...What should I do?

Sunday, April 01, 2007

a real waste..

Well, donating blood was a dream of mine since I was young..ppl keep asking me y do u love donating blood so much but till now,I really dunno how to answer them..I guess it gives me the satisfaction I need knowing that by donating only a drop of blood can saves million..

There was a blood donation campaign held in college last it was the first time for me, I prefer to get some company..and so I went with my room mate and house mate on thursday coz that's the only time they are available..I was really excited though deep down there's a bit of fear..before we even tok a step out of the house,it was already raining heavily and it's already 3 in the afternoon and the campaign ends at 5 for the day...finally,we did make it to the colege hall..I filled up the form and checked out whether ws I qualified for donating..As I sat down next to the malay woman and she started taking my blood, then tested it with some machine..after she got the result, this is waht she said to me: "Sorry ya, kamu tak boleh donate kerana kamu tak cukup iron"..At that moment,my heart thumped down..I went there although it was raining but this is how u repay me?

I went home and I told my that I dun have enough iron..she said it's a sign of anemic...i m like HUH??! seems really impossible..anyway,I feel really bad that I can't's really a waste coz this is the time when i finally got a chance to donate..