Wednesday, November 29, 2006

no offence

been kinda busy lately with assignments plus got nothing to blog usual assignments and due dates are always in my calendar..but I shall not talk about them at all..its kinda boring to face assignments everyday what more to blog about it..

somehow or rather life in college really differs from secondary more memorising from the text book,more and more presentations,research needs to be done before u start on any assignments and also a whole new social circle..a new social circle means there are people from all over the country with different personality and background..I realise there can be unexpected suprises when u get to know them deeper and deeper..u would take a step futher into their world and have a look what's inside..Thing that I see inside give me a feeling that there is something wrong seems like things are going the opposite's like a plane which is supposed to depart crashes's all against mother nature...I guess u guys dun really get what I mean..I wouldn't want to mention names but my topic for the day is homosexuals and bisexuals..I know this is a very normal issue nowadays but somehow I find it weird..I also do know that that is something people can't control..I mean who can really control their feelings right..already metrosexuals guys are out of the way..some can even be fashion disasters..what more homos n bis?I wonder...

P/s:this post is not posted to offend anyone..dun get me wrong..I just wonder sometimes..curiousity kills a cat...

Monday, November 20, 2006


Negletced my blog for a week..kinda tied up with stuff in coll and assignment being the major part..but let's not let me bore u with boring and uninteresting life...let me tell u interesting stuff..

click here to see the trailer

Daniel Craig being the new Bond is absolutely a better choice than Pierce Brosnan...let me tell u why..he might not be good looking but he seems to have that charisma of being a practically good one..he's juz as charming as any Bond can be but he's perfectly better..he has glowing blue eyes especially in the dark..he has a nice body frame though not a very nice more thing I noticed,he has a very nice ARSE..believe me when I say word:CHARISMATIC..

talking bout the movie,this Bond movie is 2 and a half hrs long but u wouln't want to miss any second of it..the storyline has a twist compared to the other Bond movies where it is always a happy ending..this time no more fairy tales for little kiddies..Bond might look foolish but in the end he still saves the world and be a true for the Bond girl,she's more to the enclosed type but still HOT..two words:GOOD SHOW!

Monday, November 13, 2006

wentworth?(pergi berbaloi)

A guy which is part African-American,Jamaican,English,German,French,Dutch,Syrian and Lebanese..34 this year...he has 2 different coloured eyes,right:hazel,left:green..single but is too busy to date..6'1" tall..was a low production assistant for several tv movies word:HOT!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

JL,mom's early birthday

went to the funeral parlour on friday to visit JL n also send our condolonces to him n his family..JL was still staying strong n being as cheerful as he was before..but there is still something missing,chatting with him wasn't as was as though there was something wrong..stay strong J!

going to that funeral parlour somehow reminds of my late grandpa who passed away 2 years back..everything is still fresh deep down in my memory..I still remember waking up n looking forward to a wonderful day as I was about to hang out with WC n a whole bunch of frens but not long after that,a wonderful day turned into a sour one when my mom received a call from my uncle back in Ipoh..he told my mum that my grandpa passed away early that morning at 6 in the old folks home..he was sent to the old folks home the day before bcoz he insisted on it..he didn't even lasted for 24 uncle also said that he went off peacefully..n so I cancelled off the outing with them n rushed back to Ipoh..we went straight to the funeral then,my mum started crying as she was the apple of the eye to my mum refused to go for dinner just to stay there with him..luckily,my dad was there to pursuade least she did take her dinner..though i don't see my grandpa that often,but deep down I know he loves us very very much..n now he is loving us from up above..everytime I visit him,I can feel his presence n I know that he is happy now..we will always luv u!

*mom's early birthday*

yum yum..I had a great dinner today..good food that consist of prawns,chicken,fish..haha..overall,good food with great family members plus good pictures..
will upload those pictures into friendster..

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

*just not my luck* a.k.a updates!

I can say that I had a wonderful weekend minus the minor accidents..1stly,I got hand bruised bcoz of the steam from a rice me,it's a"RICE COOKER"..damn it! by now,the skin is peeling off and I am going get a scar..actually that was weeks ago but the wound won't seem to heal..haihz..then on last friday, I kicked some netting on the ground and my toe started bleeding..gosh!dunno what the hell is wrong with me...unfortunately,the next day I knocked my head pulak this time..on the edge of my study table while sweeping the floor...lucky me,my bad luck stops there..if not,I am getting scars all over...

that's the bad part...the good news is I DROVE TO TESCO IN BKT TINGGI on sunday..I was darn happy..a gurl like me never drove that far...that was the 1st n there will be more to come...haha...*winks*

signing off......