Saturday, May 24, 2008


I never did posted anything on my birthday recently..
actually about a week ago..
well I had a great time and there were loads of photos..
so I'll just upload a few..
*due to some connection problem, I can't upload any*
but u can check them out in caryn or siew kuan's blog..
anyways,this year's bday was a great one..
had 2 suprises n I had 4 cakes..
it is surely 1 bday to be remembered..
thank u for everything guys!
let's just hope u all will have a great bday this year too..
hope that it is full of suprises too..

btw, I got a job already after 3 interviews..
that was my 3rd interview..
it's a customer servive job in wisma genting which turns out to be under genting highlands..
I would need to undergo training for 3 weeks before I can officially start work..
my plans for now is work for 6 months there..
if ever I am capable,I might take some freelancing for advertising..
just get a taste of what it is like..
I was thinking that working in an ad agency for that few months might not be worth it..
not having my very own transport is already a big problem..
somemore with the odd working hours,public transport would be inconvienient..
working as an intern does not pay off well..
I wont be able to support my life in KL if I am an intern..
So the only way to experience advertising is through freelancing..

well,those are my plans now..
whether does it goes as I planned,I don't have a clue..
let's just hope everything works as I planned..

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

stopping at the last station down that road

since the blog is so dead,let me add some colours to it..

my"early"suprise bday celebration

may yin

pei ting

khang tjun

xiao tian

ah wai
lee ping


may yin again
sunway trip
erica,the duck,me

from right:erica,haw,me,may yin,heong


4 in love + 1

the whole gang

kononnya "4 in love"

ah wai

sunway mascot n us

the whole gang with the mascot
the last days spent with u guys will stay in my heart forever n ever..
thank u for everything..
I enjoyed every single second with u all..
I hope that there will be days like these again..
I shall miss u guys LOADS!!!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008


too many voices..
too many opinions..
too many options..
too many decisions..
too many..
just too many..

currently officially rotting at home..
there are too much to think of..
too many decisions to be made..
I'm stuck!

at the beginning,I was kinda sure what I really wanted..
till now,I am still very sure..
nothing can quite change my mind..
but I am not resistant enough..
if only I could be more daring..
if only I could be more independent..
if only I was given more freedom..
then I might just win the battle..

it would really break my heart to leave them without officially saying goodbye..
we never did cry together just to get that feeling off our hearts..
coz we knew we will see each other again..
but now I dun see that possibility anymore..
what used to be bright seems to be getting darker and darker now..
I dunno how to make it bright again..
and I dunno how to walk down that road anymore..

putting the past behind me is really tough..
I can forget minor things easily..
now I wished I had short term memory..
then I won't feel what I am feeling now..

speaking out my mind is also hard as I am not that expressive..
I wished I am more expressive..
at least I dun need to use messages to replace my voice..

where should I go from here now?
should I stick to my plan or should I just change to make everything easier?
should I think of what I want or what other people want?
should it be about me or them?

P/s: Happy belated mother's day!