Tuesday, June 17, 2008

"yes ma'am sue", updates

heyhey everybody..

I knew that i have been long gone from this site..
really sorry for not updating so long..
1stly,it's because there was no internet connection..
2ndly,was busy working for the past 2 weeks..
so updates everyone..hehe..

as I told u guys, I got a job in wisma genting as a Customer relations Officer(CRO) in short customer service..
professional u noe..LOL..
for the past 2 weeks,I underwent the training course which was boring most of the time...
this week comes "buddy training" whereby I have sort of a "guru" to teach me all I need to know before they can let me go on the floor on my own..
so that "guru" of mine is called micheal..
siao siao guy but I would define him as adorable..
*not using the word cute*
If u really like to noe the real meaning of "cute",search it in the dictonary and u shall noe y..

I heard much about this job from the colleagues in the company..
will be under a lot pressure n ur EQ need to be really high..
will be facing a lot of fussy customers specially singaporeans according them..
alot to memorise especially rate plan,room codes n packages..
then got product tests and weekly challenges which reminds me of studying..
but in a way it trains people to multitask..
that is something I must really learn..

and FINALLY I can come online everyday..