Wednesday, October 28, 2009

rainy days

Well, it might not have rained in Klang
But it rained in Subang
Hence, these are one of the days where your feet swim in your shoes
Reminds me much of the days back in school with the frequent "banjirsss"
Unfortunately for me, I was wearing a long pants along with my red sneakers

Half wet at the bus stop waiting silently for the bus
Though I felt disgusted with the feeling of being wet
This rainy day relieves the hot weather in the past few months
So it's not so bad after
Haa...what a relief!
And it's the best weather ever to sleep!
Too bad I had to travel home at that time..

Thursday, October 22, 2009

random thoughts

recently, random thoughts has occupied much space in my mind
from assignments to exams,part time jobs,holiday plans, and something explicitly random;
a future plan - sounds serious rite?
no worries..just a deal between a close friend and me
We dealt on backpacking travelling by the age of 32 if either of us has not settled down
Y backpacking?
coz we figured we might not be able to make a fortune in a short period of 8 years unless we hit a jackpot
hence plans for luxurious trips has to be terminated

Well, both of us loves travelling
a passion we both share very much..
I would say if I am not studying communications now, I would be in the traveling line now just like her
likewise, I recalled making another similar deal with another friend of mine back in college days
therefore, maybe someday we 3 could all go on backpacking together..
random right?
I mean it may  sound like I've had my life all planned out
but frankly, NO as this notion came to me out of nowhere
I guess it came to me when I realised that there is much more to life other than love
Love may seem ultimate and a priority to someone else
but it remains as a secondary to me
the thought of being tied down to a lifetime commitment scares me most of the time
maybe it's just me but freedom comes first 
somehow, I got used to being single and independent
being single means being free from most probably the most excruciating pain of all
though at times you might need to face some loneliness issues
however, loneliness is another issue altogether
next to my family, my friends matter the most
so if I was ever given a choice to choose between friend and love
I would certainly go for friendship

yes, I could say that I am a postmodernist (a lil i guess)
but in an era of globalisation, it is really common..wakaka..
sorry but I had globalisation as a subject this sem and television studies which explores much on this concept
hence, implementing my studies in a blog spot is not bad after all
that would mean that I actually paid attention in classes..haha

regardless of how much thought I would like to put into my holiday plans
I should really be studying at this point
off to my studies now..or should I say lunch?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

brief update

I guess it's time for some updates
but in fact, there's isn't much to update either
my updates would seem rather lame
coz nothing major really happened

classes resumed after my  mid sem break which was about 2 weeks ago
after that, I've been chilling most of the time until last weekend
when I finally realised that my finals are approaching and I still have 2 assignments to submit this week
hence, started on assignments and finished one of them yday

as I mentioned earlier, when finals are approching meaning that my summer break is on its way too
that would mean I have 4 months long holidays
it was a plan from the start that I am gonna earn some extra allowance during this break
so I knew I had to remove my butt from the sofas and start looking for a job

recently, I met up with an ex colleague
and she suggested I should go back and work as part time but this time home based
the idea sounds really tempting, I can forget about tiring travelling

and it pays quite well for a part time job (rm7 per hour)
however, I am hesitating coz I know how exhausting that job could be tho it's only part time
and the fact that I am working away from office, when problems emerges from clients
I will have to make loads of calls back to the head office
that notion scares me
it would also mean I won't get to experience other kind of jobs

such dilemma..*sigh*