Tuesday, June 29, 2010


When you thought you had everything under control
When you put so much effort in making it a success
When you get yourself all excited about it
When you were not being selfish at all
When you put others into your consideration

Reality hits you with an ugly truth
Things will not always work out the way you had it
People might ignore you on the way
People might not appreciate what you have done
Even when you are not asking for much
You had other's intention with you
But somehow others might neglect yours
Trying as hard as you could does not mean it's always good enough
It will never be good enough for people to realize just how much you like for it to pay off
Never and never will be good enough

At times, too much of anxiety brings me to the verge of giving up
Giving up and probably let it happen eventually
Then, perhaps the impact or downfall would not be that awful
Which makes me feel better at the least
But, too bad my anxiety was at the highest level of all
Hence, I'll have to bare with that awful feeling

I starting to get sick of it..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

counting down

It has been 2 weeks since my exam started
sadly, things don't look too good this time
probably I've been slacking too much lately
the motivation to study seems so far fetched 
bearing in mind that there is still time left
taking it for granted as always
disappointing myself at moments of determination
with the last subject examinable for this semester
hopes are shattered even before sitting for the paper
for the fact that this paper would be a paper that I will merely pass

with emotions like anxiety, fear and inadequacy running through the cells in my body
a short break ahead of the examination does soothe the emotional conflict within
as I am counting down to the day that I can,

freedom here I come!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

don't let this be the last of the tigers

Pledge Your Support!

To post this up on my blog would be slightly backdated but who cares as long as it creates awareness.
A campaign to save the tigers incorporates 1 well established ad agency and the WWF.
As we know, tiger is an endangered species.
Numbers are reducing annually and if we do not do our part in protecting them,
Someday our grandchildren will turn to us and pop the question: "What is a tiger?"

Previously with one of the tiger abusing video(A Famosa Resort) posted up on Facebook,
I am sure many of you have seen what we as human beings are doing to them.
Some of you might doubt that it's true but that is actually what's happening to these poor animals.
We don't have to look at any other countries, Malaysia bares it all.
And if this is happening here, could you imagine what other countries could do them as well.
Hereby, I would like to ask people who read my blog (though not many) to pledge at the following website:
Help make a pledge and save the tigers.
Every pledge enhances the chance of survival for these striped animals.
I believe that one could make a difference.