Sunday, September 23, 2007

finals are finally over!!

sem 4 is done with..5 papers this sem done!

Though I think I flunked my last paper,I am still glad coz I am not the only one clueless about the paper..Almost 3/4 of students went out the exam hall earlier than I thought..either they know how to do or they are just simply sitting down to waste some time..imagine a 20 marks question with only 10 lines of answer..I estimated for a question with marks like that would at least have half a page of answer but mine is not even half..I m seriously totally clueless..I read the notes repeatedly,memorising points but that's the outcome from the time and energy I have wasted on this paper..disappointed betul..

neways,I am looking forward to this sem break..though it's short but it will be fun..filled with camps and trips..finally I'll be going to Genting coz as far as I can remember,the last I was there I was in Standard 5..that totals up to 8 years without trips to genting..haha..can u imagine that?

later on I'll be going to Bkt Tinggi..not the one in Klang but the one on the way to Genting..I heard it's expensive to make a trip there but this time I am getting it free..wee!

mooncake festival is just around the corner..enjoy them..I am having 4 with double egg yolks at home..teehee!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

random pics..

I realised I wasn't blogging much lately...well the finals is bothering me enough just to keep me away from almost everything..this time I am just gonna post up some random pics we took yest..

yest was pretty good..I had fun and I managed to release all stress and tension that was getting me nowhere this 2 weeks..I felt like I was on fleeting clouds as everyday passes by very quickly and it seems like I had nothing done at all..but yest managed to cheer me up..thanx to them!

Saturday, September 15, 2007

a tribute to them..

today,I am not gonna whine about exams..
I am here to tell u guys about a special day in my life..
Despite birthdays,this is another very special and important day...
coz it's a date where we have our birthdays combined and divides it into 5..
= 9th of Sept

9th of Sept
a date to remember
a date that represents our friendship
a date that brings us all together
a date that tells a story
a date that lies in our memory forever and ever
a date where we celebrate who we are

a little gathering celebrating a beautiful, special, life-long friendship…
no matter where we all may go…
no matter where we all shall land…
we’ll always be in touch…
no lies…
no secrets…
it’s d cartoon frenz group…
made out of trust and love…

Happy Belated Cartoon Frenz Day!!

Monday, September 10, 2007

2nd paper gone =10 marks gone

translation done!
frankly, I am not that glad after all..
this paper was a nightmare...
I lose 10 marks in the 1st question itself..
after nights of memorising, my mind turned out half blank during the exam..
"it's ur turn to perform.Break a leg!", what is that supposed to mean?
tips from the lec is actually everything..
I would rather she just keep her mouth shut...
I will be better off studying on my own..
does Customer Care = Kebajikan pelanggan?
"searched the streets",how do u translate that into BM?
crappy translation theories and principles...
points in ONE translation theory = 1/2 a chapter of what I need to memorise in m.planning
it wasn't as easy as it seems to be..
thinking that I will be having translation partII next sem scares the hell out of me...

Friday, September 07, 2007

1 paper gone!

7th of Sept...
finals officially started..

1st paper: media planning

since finals is officially starting now,guess my "nerd mode" would be turned on for quite some time..

speaking of exams n finals like this,frankly I would prefer assignments over exams,we are only tested theorically and not practically...then how are we supposed to noe that we are capable of doing what we have written on those answer sheets all these years? and with the world now, nothing goes by the book anymore..we need to experience in order to gain...but I dun think we gain anything by just writing a few essays on papers..I would always think, "why do I have to go through this bundle of papers whereas I can do it practically to prove that I am capable of it?why?"

but I guess we have no choice as the education system in Malaysia is practiced in a such a way that graduates would need that piece of cert to get a better job with an attractive pay...LOL..
would need to get my glasses back on tonite n face a whole new world of studying TRANSLATION...what can I say?