Friday, December 21, 2007

updates + camwhoring

sorry's just that this sem is hectic compared to the previous let me just update before I start neglecting it for another week..I wont be in malaysia the following week as I am in Singapore..after all the hardwork and sleepless nites, I think I deserve a good holiday to reward myself..

I shall start my updates without further complaints...

went to KLCC to conduct a survey for my assignment, but after 2 hrs of painful pair of legs I only maged to get 5 ppl to fill u my survey pathetic..the ppl there are like rushing for their lives in a last, we gave up and let my "hou pak tong" take her lunch..not forgetting the camwhoring part..haha..

there goes my "hou pak tong"
my tai kah jie..

the one in the center..our tai kah jie..

my lil sock and sickening stack of survey forms

later on that week, my frens wanted to have a karaoke session and so we headed to greenbox in Sg.Wang..haha..our usual place for this sessions coz there will be student and free titbits..can u believe that there were only 3 of us but we got a room for like 10..unexpected...we camwhored too but this time not in the room neither the toilet but with christmas decos out wasn't that nice compared to last year..

that's all folks for this time..shall come back woth more photos of s'pore..

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Aladdin *cute*

Aladdin and the magic lamp..

Despite the fact that it is in Malay,others are kinda good for a local Malay play..the songs are good(if the soundtrack wasn't that expensive,I might have bought it)...characterization was good too...sound effects thumbs up...props well done..costumes are cute...I forgot the main point,the characters are acted by kids aged 5 to 15..aren't they great?

at first we thought it was an english play..but when we had a look at the ticket where it was printed in Malay,we were guessing that it is in Malay..we were kinda disappointed coz translating would be a problem then when we need to write the review..when we reached our venue in Istana Budaya, we were even more confirmed that it is a Malay play and the ppl who came were almost all Malays and a whole lot of I guess it was a play for kids..haha..and guess what? we find it fun to watch such plays once in a blue takes u off everything that's in ur mind..looking at the naive and innocent kids playing their roles and putting so much effort in to entertain small kids and big kids like us makes me feel very comfortable inside..Ibesides that, they try their very best to make u laugh throughout the play..I was really relaxed though my feet are hurting very much...I enjoyed it very much..these are the wonders kids can do..*claps* for the kids..well done!

seems like the gap between us is getting further and further
God knows how long it is? 5cm? 10cm?
what's gonna become of us?
are we still gonna keep in touch after all this?
or is this the end of everything?
everyone changes but why does it have to be us?
why can't everything stay the same?

Monday, December 10, 2007


Let pictures do the talking..haha..lazy to type so much..

Baskin Robbins with the cartoonz

BBQ cum GYJ's bday

May Yin's bday