Saturday, December 27, 2008

malacca-muar '08 (pt 2)

finally got the pics..
after 2 hours editing, here they are..

our ais kacang & fried "chee cheong fun"

we saw this wedding car pumping petrol on the way to malacca

we are still wondering y is the queue so long???

our "not-so-nice & bad-service" hainanise chicken rice balls..

i like this pic...ppl that's jonker street

at the entrance of some tea house

sk's bday 06/12..stunned with the "bday tarts"
cartoonz with the tarts
this curry mee is good no doubt the auntie selling it was a bit fierce ..
rice cakes
by the looks of it,I think the uncle seeling rice cakes isn't that fierce after all..

king of tanjung emas..tanjung emas is like tanjung harapan in klang except that it is cleaner..

we were fascinated with the big durian,so we thought of taking a pic..everyone was looking..

tanjung emas (at night)
the only pic with all 6 of us
that's the end of our cartoonz very 1st road trip..
next destination would most probably be ipoh before kim choon leave for UK..

Sunday, December 14, 2008

*updates* pt1

I noe I am lazy and lagging..
I practically blog once a month..
Been pretty busy lately..
Much has changed in these few weeks..
1 week I am still working in the company..
The other week I am in Muar..
The next week I am stuck at home..

So, official updates..

1. I am no longer working in wisma genting anymore..
my contract ended on 1/12..was really sad leaving everyone there knowing the fact that I'll hardly see them anymore..too bad I did not get a chance to take any pics with them before I left..after working for 6 months,I understand how hard it is to survive in the working society..u have to work hard just to earn that little amount of money..they dun come flying down from the sky..they aren't like falling leaves during autumn..working long hours and getting sick throughout my working life is all part n parcel of what we will be facing later in the working society..during our schooling days,we are very much pampered by our parents n they actually spoonfeed us with information and the necessities in life..but while working,u're on ur own..u will need to learn how to interact with the ppl around u,understand them and please them in every way just so that everything goes well..firstly,u please ur boss and secondly ur clients..pleasing them is one thing..adapting to the working environment and living up to the rules and regulations is another thing..despite the fact that u need to put up with all these,there is also self satisfaction at times when u get ur salary..u're actually telling urself this:"this is what u deserve,it's what u've earned"..besides that, fulfilling other ppl's need is also another kind of self satisfaction..there are ppl on the line who just needs ur help that desparately and being able to help them is really delightful..we are also devils over the line when there is nothing else we can do to help them..we might try our best but at times there is really nothing we can do much..basically working gives u the taste of life whether is it sweet or even all depends on how we look at it..if u choose to look on the bright side,everything seems right but if u choose to look on the darker side,nothing will ever seem right..most importantly,enjoy what u're doing and things would be much much easier..
*end of updates part 1*
part 2 would be my trip to muar..will update as soon as I get the photos..
*to be continued*