Friday, January 18, 2008

finals + coll soul mates

sorry for the absence..I guess it's kinda awful this time..almost a month much happened in dec but I din managed to update..I dunno which word should I use to describe my life for the past few weeks..

Therefore I won't be speaking of what has passed as there is too much to talk about..this would be just a short entry to update about stuffs..

I'll just update from now..I m currently having my finals for the 5th will be ending exactly 1 week before CNY(phew!)..every 2 years was actually the year whereby normally students of TARC will have the finals during CNY but this year onwards they adjusted in order to make it in time for CNY..was darn happy when I heard last year..

I have only 1 more semester before I graduate from my Dip. and I am actually heavy hearted to leave my coll mates who has been there for me for almost 2 years..they gave me the help and support I needed..they share my laughter and tears..we made it thru every assignment though not with flying colours but it was great working with them...they taught me how to dress better..they give me the experience of clubbing and KTV,an experience to actually be there for a countdown with my frens..get sprayed together and running in the rain..BBQ sessions,steamboat sessions,the whole "kim gary" experience..the taiwan dramas..the taiwan idols which I m not really into when I was in secondary..the chinese songs which I know least of..the chinese words which I was never taught before..the yum cha sessions..they brighten up my coll life..without them,I dun think I'll have such a wonderful coll life..Hence I am making full use of this last semester to do all the stuff I have never one with them..