Thursday, July 24, 2008

thorn among the roses

it has been almost a month since I was officially on floor..
"on floor" meaning I can take up calls on my own and make reservations on my own..

I used to have the impression that Genting Highlands is where ppl go for vacation when they need a place to relax and have some fun..
But now I realize that it is not what it seems to be..
Working in the company actually spoils the good impression that I actually had for that place..
In my opinion now,that is a place where greedy and materialistic ppl go to when satisfy their needs..
They are actually that desparate to gamble even though they need to spend millions..
They are not willing to spend for food and accomodation but they are willing to spend in the casino..
To me, they sound like drug addicts who needs their drugs desparately on the phone..
Like a baby crying for milk..
That's how they sound on the phone..

working for only almost a month,I "hear" all sorts of ppl..
Some can be really nice while some say u bullshit..
There was once this customer called in asking for rooms on that day..
So I told him that all the hotels are fully booked..
And he said "Genting staffs are big liars" (direct translation from mandarin)
I mean how desparate can a person be to spend money in the casino..
It's not like u are gonna blow a chance of winning a few billion not spending a night there..
Then I had this customer on the line today..
another singaporean lady asking on some promotion..
this is how it went:

$ing lady: I would like to enquire about this National Day promotion
Me : I'm sorry but u would need to approach the Singapore Sales Office for the booking coz we don't
handle it here
$ing lady: But I can't through the line
Me : Then u might need to try some other time
$ing lady: Bullshit la!Whatever la!

Now u see how demanding Singaporeans can be..
But some can be very nice..
Really cant understand them la..

Btw,my convo is this sun..
And I am really eager to get my phone on sun too..

Monday, July 14, 2008

meeting up.

the phone rang yesterday while I was working..
and the name that appeared was her..
"Valerie" was her name..
a friend I knew from primary..
a friend i grew very close..
almost like sisters..
in fact we are pet sisters..

I dun even remember the last time I saw her..
I think the last time I met her was the last time I went back with her to klang..
hanging out with her once again was fun..
we met up in sg wang coz apparently that's the nearest place to hang out and convienient..
we had dinner in this korean restaurant..
n their ramen is actually MAGGI MEE..
n I had to pay almost 10 bucks for that bowl of noodle..

everytime we meet up,we talk about almost everything..
the best thing is that I can tell her just anything..
just anything..
we can't seem to keep any secret when we start talking..
we would spill just anything..
I think that's the reason y we were so close to each other..
we understand each other very well..

I hope to see her anytime near..
so that we can have more time to chat..
take care sis!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

work=no life

I really dun understand how some ppl can toggle between work n life..
they can work but they can still have a LIFE..
after working for almost a month,I realize this might not be the job for me..
I am impressed with the ppl who can work there for years..
the stress they get from the customers especially singaporeans..
whereby they pay for a 3 star service but they expect a 5 star service..
I think that's what made their country so advanced..
they have expectations..
maybe becoz I am still new,so I dun have a way with them..
sometimes I just dunno how should I handle them..

my buddy micheal always say that u have to learn to be cold blooded..
he says that is the only way to shoo off those fussy customers..
and ur EQ has to be really high..
u have to fulfill the customers needs..
answer all their enquiries..
even though it takes half a n hour..
some can really get to your nerves..

working in a call centre whereby it is compulsory to work 12 hrs a day is really tiring me out..
and sitting there for long hours everyday really bores me..
it's just too routine..
I am wondering how long can I last there..
some say if u can work in genting's call centre,u can work in any call centre..
haha..I wonder is that true?