Wednesday, February 27, 2008

picture this...

picture this..

the housing area u always thought was luxurious and high class turned into:

or this?
and this?

what do u think?
well, the pictures u saw on top are the pics of my housing area(bandar botanic) dated today,this evening at 7pm..
a minor flood occured due to the heavy rain..
bandar botanic looked and sound like some really high clas-expensive kinda housing area but as a matter of fact,it is not..
It may seem like it on the outside but once u settled down in this area,u will see how well did the contractors do their jobs..
they covered up the drains to make it look nice but do the drains serve their purpose of a drain?
drain are use to drain off water especially in a heavy rain like this evening but I dun see the purpose now..

here are some more prove:
the condition behind my hse..

my neighbour's hse..
disappointing rite?

Sunday, February 24, 2008


I am feeling really bored recently,I have practically nothing much to do except housechores..
It's really killing me..
How I wished that my holidays wasn't that long..
How I wished that my last sem has already started..
Then I can concentrate on asignments instead of rotting here at home..

As much as I wished that I am studying now but I wouldn't want my sem to start that soon either..
Because this will be the very last semester of my diploma..
Though graduating might sound jolly but to me,it's a sign of farewell..
I would be leaving all my frens back in college and to have a reunion would be hard as they stay in different parts of the country..
Leaving my housemates would make me miss them even more..
All those time where celebrating the birthdays of each and every single member in the family would be missed..
All those times where study together for exams, cracking jokes to feel better in times of pressure wil stay fresh in my mind..
As for classmates who have been there for me for 2 whole years with all the support and love,I really appreciate them..

As for the soulmates I found in college,I reallly love you guys..thanks for being truthful and respecting me for who I am..
I am so gonna miss u all after graduation..
I am so not gonna forget what u all taught me about friendship..
I am also not forgetting the lessons I have learned from each and every one of u..
I would say that being with u guys are the greatest days in my life..
I managed to be myself,I managed to enjoy and I managed to share everything with u all..
I can talk about anything with u all from studies to personal stuff..
I am really glad to have u all in my coleege life..

U all might not be seeing this but I like to say a big THANK YOU..*hugs* to all of u..

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

CNY visiting

I wanted to upload the hong kong photos but it is too big and it's gonna take a long I shall upload them after I resize the meantime enjoy these 1st..haha..

at the fireflies entrance,kuala selangor

the girls..

our shoes (cartoonz)

ws + sk (my hse)

ws + caryn (my hse)

sk + caryn (my hse)

there is nothing wrong with ur eyes..that's me

sk + me

ws + me

all 4 of us..cartoonz!!

ws's place

sk's place(the cuties behind)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


there is no need to mention anything..I knew I have been long gone..LOL..there was the finals and then CNY straight after that..there wasn't much time for me to update as I have to prepare for thr trip to Hong Kong during actual,this trip might sound fun to u guys but still I am obligated to accompany my grandma and take care of her during the going with a tour doesnt give u much time to go round places n putting all that behind, I still managed to enjoy myself though I am not satisfied without going on a shopping spree..

as for the finals,it was so so..wasn't that good neither that bad..all I wish this time is that I will be able to maintain my CGPA and get my very last scholarship for the very last sem..lastly,photos form HK,will upload them in the next post as I am short of time now..I have loads to do now..especially fulfilling promises with ppl..need to go visitiong with frens,need to get a haircut before my new sem starts,need to make appointments for movie,yum cha,unpack stuff,reorganise my room..OMG!there so much to do but I only have 2 more weeks to finish them..gawd!