Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Today is one memorable day 
Not because it was a lucky day neither was it a wonderful day
Somehow it feels like I am sharing another's bad luck 

With the intention to make a trip to uni to collect my assignment and enroll for my compulsory subject
I took the train to subang then waited for the bus to sunway
After 45 mins, I am still stuck at the bus stop
Hence, I called a friend to see whether she could pick me up 
She said okay but I would need to wait for another 45 mins
So I waited for her and as I was waiting, there is a black guy sitting next to me
Initially, he was just sitting silently beside
All of a sudden he tapped on my shoulder and started talking to me
And he couldn't stop talking for the next 30 mins
He started talking about crappy stuff on love, his life in UK and how he is a footballer in some club
Also about how he could keep in touch with me (I'm like WTF?!)
I freaked out and thought of excusing myself perhaps to the shopping complex nearby
But I feared that he would follow hence I remained there
Keeping my fingers crossed that my friend would reach in no time
Finally when my friend was there to pick up, I quickly got up and walked away from him

Then we both proceed to Sunway college coz my friend had to meet someone there
We manage to get ourselves a parking in the college compound
Upon leaving, we paid the parking ticket
As we approach the machine, we realized we lost the ticket 
We failed to search for the ticket even though we went back trailing the road
So we had to pay the penalty for losing the ticket which cost us 20 bucks

After all that, in the same car park we met with an accident
We banged into another car and my friend have to fork out another amount of money to pay her
Then my friend was too afraid to drive anymore that I took over 
Driving to meet up with Nadia and then back to Monash and lastly back to the KTM station

Despite all that unfortunate events, meeting Nadia for the last time before she leaves do make us less unlucky that day
It was perhaps the "luckiest" thing that has happened to us

Neways, I will not know when will I ever meet Nadia again
Therefore, take care of yourself no matter which part of the world are you in
whether is it South Africa, US or Korea
I wish you all the best in your future undertakings!
Hopefully that bottle of stars would bring you all the luck you need
And please do remember us!!
Never forget us, you fickle minded, bubbly, unpredictable and loud Korean!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Litlle sense of happiness

I guess my emotions do fluctuate
Or perhaps they are just mood swings

At times, small gestures and unexpected people brightens up your day
Things seem to be filled with laughter for no apparent reason
Suddenly, a feeling of putting yourself back together emerges
Attempting to make everything work once more
Though the passion may not be as much as before
That little sense of happiness makes up to it.