Saturday, July 12, 2008

work=no life

I really dun understand how some ppl can toggle between work n life..
they can work but they can still have a LIFE..
after working for almost a month,I realize this might not be the job for me..
I am impressed with the ppl who can work there for years..
the stress they get from the customers especially singaporeans..
whereby they pay for a 3 star service but they expect a 5 star service..
I think that's what made their country so advanced..
they have expectations..
maybe becoz I am still new,so I dun have a way with them..
sometimes I just dunno how should I handle them..

my buddy micheal always say that u have to learn to be cold blooded..
he says that is the only way to shoo off those fussy customers..
and ur EQ has to be really high..
u have to fulfill the customers needs..
answer all their enquiries..
even though it takes half a n hour..
some can really get to your nerves..

working in a call centre whereby it is compulsory to work 12 hrs a day is really tiring me out..
and sitting there for long hours everyday really bores me..
it's just too routine..
I am wondering how long can I last there..
some say if u can work in genting's call centre,u can work in any call centre..
haha..I wonder is that true?

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